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Poroshenko vows to unite Ukraine -

Poroshenko vows to unite Ukraine -

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Poroshenko vows to unite Ukraine

By Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

Before starting to
comment on the subject matter we definitely remember that Nepolean once said:
“ Impossible is a
word not found in my dictionary “ or words to that effect.

However, that
President of Ukraine Poroshenko’s vowed to unite Ukraine. We believe he would
but so easily said would it not be much more difficult to comply to achieve it in such
a short time within a Presidential tenure that too in a democracy of non
violent conditions as per European type and very much unlike Putin’s Russian tyrannical
brutish democracy style. It is obvious that to unite would indeed be time consuming
but would not be difficult. Though it may be time consuming would be  reliably solid and permanent if the nation is united

It is being
pronounced because the protesters are attuned to loving Russian’s booting and
brute behavior from the government and fellow citizens except when the state
head and government executive head need help of its general subjects to back
them up in danger.

When back up of
the government is done general public gets no appreciation except kicks where as
 those who are registered supports of the
government. This is what these Pro-Russian protesters are habituated and that
is the reason they took up arms against Ukraine to get registered as Putin’s supporters
and favor from Putin and accordingly Putin helped them with his regular force.

Those Ukraine Russians
rejected Russian Brute and tyrannical hegemony,  because  they want to live in free world with freedom.

They vehemently denounced Putin’s move and that was a glaring example of real
patriotism that resulted in the holding of the Election successfully. The rest
would be solved by dialogs and Diplomacy in future.

The majority
Russians citizens of Ukraine are strong Ukraine believer of being proud Ukrainians
and would die for Ukrainian.cause. The others need time to realize the hard facts of
difference between Russian tyrannical harmonically run system and real freedom joining EU. it is
then that they will quickly change the protester's mind and get united and would feel to be proud as UKRAINIAN.

To help President Poroshenko
of Ukraine both the West and EU need to continue containing Russia under heavy pressure until it completely
gives up all it illegal activities and hands over Crimea  to Ukraine government and withdraws all camouflaged Russian
soldiers from the soil of Ukraine and abandon the so called protesters for ever.

Russia should, if possible sign a bond not to ever think of annexing any land of
Ukraine or of any other country’s territory in future violating International

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