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War of Clinton-Bush dynasties benefits US -

War of Clinton-Bush dynasties benefits US -

June 8, 2014 7:09 pm

War of Clinton-Bush dynasties benefits US

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are by
far their party’s most qualified candidates

In an age of plutocracy, what could be more fitting
than a dynastic contest for the White House? If either Hillary Clinton or Jeb
Bush becomes their party’s 2016 nominee, it would be the seventh out of the
past 10 US presidential elections with a Clinton or a Bush on the ballot.
Should both do so, it would be the second in which each name headed their
party’s tickets. There is a good chance that is exactly what will happen. As wealth is concentrated in fewer
, so too is political capital. What could be more appropriate?

The cynical view is not always the right one.
The problem with plutocracy is that it is unmeritocratic. But in each case, Mrs
Clinton and Mr Bush are by far their party’s most qualified candidates. Both
deserve their nominations on merit. Each has, moreover, made at least as strong
a case against the new age of inherited wealth as their peers. The last
dynastic scion to reach the White House was Franklin Roosevelt. He was also its
most progressive.

Of the two, Mrs Clinton, whose memoir, Hard
, comes out on Tuesday, is by far the most likely. So strong are
her credentials that almost no one of note is touting their rivalry. One or
two, such as Joe Biden, the vice-president, and Martin O’Malley, the
little-known governor of Maryland, might still throw their hat into the ring.
Mrs Clinton would have both for breakfast and come back for seconds. Others,
such as Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, and Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of
Chicago, will wisely sit out 2016.

It is of course possible that a Barack
Obama-type figure could emerge from nowhere to frustrate Mrs Clinton again. But
lightning rarely strikes the same place twice. Besides, now that America has
broken the colour barrier, attention will more naturally turn to the glass
ceiling – the one that Mrs Clinton so nearly cracked in 2008.

The electorate will also be more mindful of
Mrs Clinton’s miles on the clock – eight years as a First Lady, eight more as a
senator and four as secretary of state. In 2008 hope triumphed over experience.
In 2016, experience is likely to be the most prized quality. There is no
contemporary US politician who can match Mrs Clinton on that.

Jeb Bush’s task would be far harder. In
contrast to the Democrats, the Republican field is already crowded. Rising
stars such as Rand Paul, the libertarian senator from Kentucky, Marco Rubio,
the senator from Florida, and Ted Cruz, the pugilistic senator from Texas, have
all but declared their candidacies.

The party has moved considerably to the right
since the last Bush, George W, won the crown in 2000. Today, Jeb’s older
brother is seen as having caved in to Washington’s big spending ways. There is
also declining appetite among Republicans for the muscular foreign policy he
embodied. Meanwhile, George H W Bush, the family’s paterfamilias, gave birth to
the new Republican right when he broke his pledge on “no new taxes”.
Conservative activists see the Bush name as synonymous with tax and spend.
Capturing the Republican nomination would be quite a hill for Jeb to climb.

Yet it looks less arduous
with each month. The opening for a moderate Republican fell vacant when the
rise of Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor, came to a halt over the traffic
jam fix earlier this year. Moreover, the Republican establishment has recently
scored big reversals against the Tea Party: the appetite to pick a winner grows
with each defeat. Mr Bush’s softness for illegal immigration
– “an act of love” was how he described it – might infuriate the Republican
grassroots. But its pragmatic wing knows he could win back the Hispanic vote,
which is the fastest rising in the US. Not only does he speak fluent Spanish,
he is married to a Mexican. Contrast that with Mr Cruz, who believes illegal
immigrants should be locked up. Much the same plays out with education: Mr Bush
has acquired stellar reform credentials from when he was governor of Florida.
The US electorate shares his enthusiasm for the national Common Core
curriculum. The Tea Party calls it “Obamacore”.
If Mrs Clinton’s challenge is to distance
herself from President Obama without appearing to, Mr Bush must do the same
with his older brother. It will not be easy. But both are going about it
efficiently. Mrs Clinton’s book is full of examples of talking tough to foreign
leaders – she was to the right of Mr Obama on virtually every issue, including
Syria, Afghanistan and Israel. And Mr Bush’s erudite reading habits keep finding
their way into the newspapers. He is to the left of his party on most big

Both face other obstacles. Mrs Clinton must
fend off jokes about the “Golden Girls” (she will be 69 at the next election).
At 63, Mr Bush will be no spring chicken either. But therein lies their
strengths. In a world of bewildering change, Mrs Clinton and Mr Bush both
radiate competence.

Each also talks passionately about the
declining US middle class. “The American dream is slowly being replaced by
something economists call ‘stickiness at both ends’,” Mr Bush said recently.
“Those born wealthy will stay there in many cases. And those born poor will do
the same.” The words could just as easily have been Mrs Clinton’s.

Counter-intuitive though it seems, a battle
of the dynasties would be America’s best shot at a debate that focused on what
is on most voters’ minds. It is by no means obvious why the plutocrats should
welcome it.


gone through the article very minutely it became evident that the article has
been written predominantly to serve the cause of Jeb Bush to run for the
Presidential election. The endeavor of the writer cannot be left to go without
praising his undaunted effort to make the case for Jeb Bush. But……..

his meticulous studding the names of others of both from Republican and Democrat’s
Parties  eligible those who are likely to
join in the presidential race of 2016, camouflaged the main issueby
articulating the protion of the article giving the sense to it as business as usual
and normal.  

Jeb Bush’s joining the race is not going to be normal. Because Jeb Bush and his
past activities report when he was governor Florida thereafter connected to his
elder brother G W Bush both of whom the Americans distaste because of their mean
activities in election of 2004 which G W Bush won by adopting illegal means and
Jeb Bush helped him in winning the election illegally.

as member of the Bush dynasty G W Bush is involved in a serious controversy
over the twin tower blast and killing of Americans national.

cut a long story short just mentioning that highly qualified technical experts
opined that twine tower was constructed with such materials that the blast and
fire of the plane was not enough to demolish the Twine Towers. The matter was immediately
shelved in the deep freeze by order of the then top executive. Unfortunately a Professor
of  an University had to submit
resignation and go on forced retirement because of opening his mouth on the
issue. G W Bush led the country to war with Iraq, And later publicly confessed that
he did so on pure lies. Now Bush dynasty is nothing but a sheltered of a wanted
genocide criminal.

Bush can join the Presidential race in 2016 but public is very averse to even
hear the name of any Bush Dynasty member joining the election. The rest is
their decision who is there to say no except the American public. 

has been jotted down in very brief now may be elaborated later by the Presidential
candidate with more pointed questions about his own short coming when he joins
to run the Election in 2016.  The writer trying
to bring similarity with Bush and Clinton dynasty does not work as Jeb Bush
stands nowhere near the Ex First Lady, a Senator and of late US Ex-Secretary of
State . 

believe practical Experience counts in all particularly in running the State machinery
of a Lone Super power,


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