Saturday, August 19, 2017

Current world events have alarmed a holocaust survivor in Seattle.
Ninety-six-year-old Franz Wasserman has noted similarities in the current political climate with Nazi Germany during World War II.
He says society's reaction to the rhetoric and events like Charlottesville, Virginia, have given him some hope.
"Ever since the campaign, before the election, it is the same kind of prejudice and the kind of nationalism.  And at that time I was very much afraid it would lead to the same thing as it led to Germany," said Wasserman.
"I feel a great deal more hopeful these days than I did nine months ago.  Our Democratic institutions seem to stand firm.  And the people as a whole are standing firm...that the whole phenomenon of Trump will go away."
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The writer very sweetly but with lot sad feeling stated but the facts and environment that existed in those pathetic heartbreaking days when he was reminded of those by gone days Holocaust are similar to the on going days of now in US.he was unable to explain how much similar are the  days that exist now in US and those then in Germany during Holocaust days of course very miserable.  These current days are with a bit of difference.

Holocaust was the cause of the Zionists when committee constituted by the victors of the WW II the committee so constituted was with Zionist members and as such they recommenced to the then authorities of the war victors a very inhuman torturous recommendation to punish the German nation and was accepted and the victor authorities implemented the recommendations in total.
Having seen the torturous punishment suffering life of the Germans after the war shocked Adolf Hitler and he became obsessed to punish the Jews because he could not differential the Zionist from the JEWS as even now most of the people of the world thinks ZIONISTS are JEWS but not with a lot of difference. Zionist are very inhuman with vicious thinking and highly selfish and vindictive toward the saner JEWS. To cite a living example the same as so called Muslims in ISIS.  Saner JEWS are shitty scared of these monsters and refrains from commenting about them.
Having narrated the above fact the fact was without knowing this Hitler took the drastic action to oust all JEWS from the country.

But the unfortunate thing was the Zionist under the cover of saner JEWS escaped and took shelter in US, UK, Middle East and many other countries. The worst are filled up with UK, USA, and some EU countries of course Palestine  and. these monster Zionists started their nefarious activities to do occupied sensitive government and public positions and started doing the same offense that provoked Hitler which the Saner JEWS also did not know for Hitler’s such drastic action against them and had to sacrifice their lives for the cause of the Zionists devilish activities.

The above is similar to the Holocaust because the same Zionist of US in congress Mitch McConnel,,GOP ex Chapman Peirbus, and their ass sucker speaker Ryan Paul and many Zionists followers of  the senate majority leader colluded with the enemy country Russia that brought the entire country to the brink opf division of the nation to the days similar to Holocaust 

BUT with a big difference in those days the saner JEWS of the country with others could not raise the head against the wrong doers and stop Hitler’s mission revealing the fact of the monstrous activities of the ZIONISTS. 

 Where as now the majority American  nationals are united to raise a solidified strong wall of strenght  against the conspiratorial plan of Putin Mcconnel under the leadership of Trump Bannon. The most important  is to protect the country and the saner JEWS of US from the hands of these two monosters russia and combined Zionist of US and isarel..

It is time for we Americans to learn lessons from the past and banish these Zionists from the soil of US and remember the request of the great American Leader J F K to his nation.
The Golden advice is none should be let to  go Scott free unpunished after the committal of such gross Sin of treachery with the country under any circumstances. THANKS

Friday, August 18, 2017

Exit Stage Alt-Right

Donald Trump Wanted Steve Bannon ‘Gone.’ Now, Bannonites Threaten ‘Revolution’

The chief strategist was increasingly on an island inside the White House. Now that he’s out, he could cause even more damage.

Asawin Suebsaeng

08.18.17 1:41 PM ET

He’s out.

Late this week, President Donald Trump began telling senior staffers and outside confidants that he intended to sack Steve Bannon, the nationalist firebrand and White House chief strategist who helped steer Trump’s chaotic presidential campaign to victory.


Two Trump administration officials told The Daily Beast on Friday that the president has said that he wanted Bannon “out” and “gone” this week.

On Friday afternoon, they made it official, with chief of staff John Kelly informing Bannon of the change in direction.

Bannon did not respond to requests for comment on this story, but multiple reporters tweeted that Bannon had told them he had submitted his resignation on August 7, with an effective date of August 14—exactly one year to the date of him joining Trump on the 2016 campaign. Per the Team Bannon narrative, he stayed on through the week to help with the chaos in the wake of the white-supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day,” read a statement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. “We are grateful for his service and wish him the best.”

The confusing, competing narratives over the timing of Bannon’s departure is an appropriate coda to White House stint that has been increasingly chaotic for months. Bannon has butted heads for months with various senior administration officials, including Trump family member Jared Kushner. If he knew he was leaving the White House early in August, he wasn’t telling close allies and associates.

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As The Daily Beast reported on Sunday, Bannon had privately told friends—well after August 7—that Trump and Kelly weren’t itching to fire him; indeed, even supporting him. According to multiple sources close to Bannon and the president, Bannon has described Trump in conversations as “one of us” and a fellow right-wing “nationalist,” who still wanted a him working in his West Wing, despite external and internal pressures.

As we now know, Bannon would not last the month.

Towards the end of his tenure, even Bannon’s fellow anti-immigration hardliners and nationalist fellow travelers in the White House—such as senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and presidential assistant and Bannon’s former Breitbart employee Julia Hahn—had started to distance themselves from him. According to multiple White House sources, they vented about Bannon behind his back, viewing him as a leaker, as a shameless self-promoter, and as a “glory hog,” as another senior official characterized their sentiments.

“They’ve turned on Steve,” as one White House official told The Daily Beast, request anonymity in order to speak freely about internal drama.

Bannon has consistently denied allegations of engineering aggressive leak and smear campaigns against his Trump administration enemies. Now, however, he s plotting his next moves.

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“Bannon had one hell of a run…” influential conservative figure and commentator Matt Drudge tweeted, shortly before Bannon’s exit was made official.

Bannon has privately mused about returning to the pro-Trump website Breitbart, which he ran before joining the Trump campaign, or even attempting to launch the vast, Fox-News-rivalling media empire that he had envisioned with Roger Ailes shortly before Ailes died. In May, one source close to President Trump’s now former chief strategist described Bannon’s unrealized dream project as “Bannon TV.”

While there are several West Wing officials who are cheering Bannon’s demise, others fear the kind of damage he could do now that he’s exiled from the administration. “There are some who are genuinely worried about what he could do from the outside, if thrown out,” a White House official conceded earlier this week.

Bannon continues to wield influence among pro-Trump media and the heavy-hitter Republican donors the Mercer family. And in the immediate aftermath of his departure, a top Breitbart editor signalled that the site would wage “#WAR” on the Trump administration.

“If he leaves, it’s French Revolution,” one source close to Bannon told The Daily Beast, minutes before news of Bannon’s exit broke on Friday afternoon.




Having gone through the article very carefully but meticulously written article has hidden facts in it to ponder and find out why Bannon was fired which Trump surely does not have the authority to do so, because without the permission and sanction from Putin alone trump can not fire him.  

Think then what is that reason for which trump did so. Surely there is some riddle is there to be solved. The best to solve this riddle is to keep this Misty man under strict surveillance day and night  along with the doing of his activities with trump’s supporters and all those linked with supporters of this group in the form of reporter Journalists and employees of print media .

To find out agenda to escalate the political situation to worse and his contacts contributions to the violence that could be linked to the devastating of the country which would lead to the reasons for him to be fired to work independently, Freely and more fiercely as per the direction from Russia.   

There is another point to look into is who are the next in line of being fired soon before action against Trump himself starts, as it would give the clue who are they that are Russian die heart and loyal to the collusion. Might be they are not touched to keep them secret and work under cover for Russian link to remain alive in USA. That women named Kelly is one.  

The secret agency would have to have work load increased to weed out the people with loyalty to Russia and surfaces actively when their service is needed. This is normally happens during war, but luckily the facts that there are in good percent of fifth columnists existing in every layer of the society in every state.


Now it becomes the responsibility and duty of the secret agencies to find them out and end their existence in the country. This would involve the top level to bottom level of the society.

For this, extreme cautious in handling would be necessary. Therefore, conduct of the force have to be written clearly in detail and pass by the relevant authorities as to how the cases to be handled without any ambiguity and violation of law of the land.

This is very important because many more dangerous enemies surfaced in such a short time within the Country which is extremely dangerous then out side enemies.   

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trump’s North Korea Bluster Has Shattered U.S. Standing As Global Leader

The more stridently Trump says he is going to stop North Korea, the worse it looks when he fails, and the more Beijing stands to gain.

08/16/2017 03:59 pm ET

CANBERRA, Australia — Rivalry between great powers is plainly escalating in many parts of the world. When that happens, specific local issues often take on a much broader significance. And so it is with the present tension over North Korea’s nuclear program.

The issues are very serious in their own right, but they become even more important because they play into the wider contest between China and the United States over their future roles in Asia. Will the U.S. remain Asia’s leading power and the arbiter of regional order? Or will China take its place?

Clearly, America’s standing as regional leader would be dramatically reaffirmed if U.S. President Donald Trump could convince or compel North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and stop threatening America and its allies. But just as clearly, U.S. standing would be weakened if Trump fails. In the zero-sum logic of major power rivalry, that would be a win for China. Moreover, the more stridently Trump says he is going to stop North Korea, the worse it looks when he fails, and the more Beijing stands to gain.

That is especially true when he threatens to use armed force. Although wars between great powers have been mercifully rare in recent decades, their perceived ability and willingness to use force remains central to their power and influence.

A country’s broader standing is seriously undermined when it threatens to use force and then backs down.

Such is the strange and seemingly immutable pattern of power politics. It explains why great powers, including America, spend so much money on armed forces even when they face few, if any, direct threats to their own security. It explains why a country’s broader standing is so seriously undermined when it threatens to use force and then backs down.

And it explains why Trump’s recent wild talk about war has been so damaging to America’s international leadership. His threats to use force to stop North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile program will prove empty because his only military options could escalate into the biggest conflict since 1945.

So America will not just end up living with an ICBM-armed North Korea. It will find its leadership in Asia sharply diminished in the eyes of both its allies and its rivals. 

Look at the allies first. Countries like Japan and South Korea depend on America for their security because they are confident that America will fulfill its promises to go to war to protect them if necessary. In return, their support is essential to America’s international leadership. But their support falters when their confidence is undermined by America failing to use force when it says it will.

America’s rivals will now be emboldened to challenge U.S. leadership more blatantly.

This is a particular problem for America’s Asian allies today because their confidence in U.S. resolve is already weakened. The closer North Korea gets to having the capacity to attack U.S. cities using nuclear weapons, the less confident those Asian allies can be that the U.S. will be willing to shield them from North Korean threats. And the richer and more powerful China becomes, the more it will cost America to stand up to China on its allies’ behalf and the less confident they can be that America will be willing to accept that cost.

To some extent, such uncertainties are part of the normal stuff of alliance management, but they have become much more acute in recent years. Back in the Cold War, few doubted America’s resolve because the Soviets so obviously posed a true existential threat to U.S. security, and U.S. leaders were very careful to uphold the credibility of their undertakings.

After the Cold War, the U.S. seemed to face no serious rivals, so the question did not arise. Only recently have serious doubts about U.S. resolve really appeared. Now, under Trump, they are growing fast.

America’s rivals will also draw important conclusions from what Trump has said. They will be reassured that, whatever its leaders might say, America lacks the resolve to use armed force to protect its position as a global and regional leader. They will therefore be emboldened to challenge U.S. leadership more blatantly.

If, one day, the U.S. threatens to use force and really means it, China could underestimate its resolve and push ahead, sparking a war that both would rather avoid – 1914 redux.

In Asia, America will find it harder to deter China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, which is deliberately intended to display China’s growing ability to defy U.S. power in the maritime domain, where it was once strongest. And it increases the risk that if, one day, Trump or his successor threatens to use force and really means it, Beijing will underestimate U.S. resolve and push ahead, sparking a war that both would rather avoid — 1914 redux.

It is easy to see then why national leaders — especially leaders of great powers — have always been so exceptionally careful about threatening the use of force. Of course, everyone can make an occasional slip. Even former U.S. President Barack Obama, normally a model of caution, went too far in setting a red line around Syria’s use of chemical weapons; America’s credibility took a serious hit when that red line was crossed, and the U.S. did nothing.

But Trump is different. Never before have we seen the leader of a great power speak so loosely about this most important subject. He seems quite unaware of the consequences for America’s credibility and international standing. Indeed, he hardly seems to understand that he speaks for America at all. With Trump, everything is personal.

America’s role as the upholder of order will now further dwindle, and the world will become a more dangerous place.

So where will this lead? Alas, the answers are all too clear. Most likely, prudent allies will rely less and less on the U.S. Ambitious rivals will push harder and harder to erode U.S. leadership and assert their own. America’s role as the upholder of order in key regions of the world will dwindle, and the world will become a more dangerous place.

Alternatively, miscalculations on all sides may create a situation where Trump’s irresponsibility slides from talk to action, and America finds itself in a major war it need not fight and cannot win.



Having gone through the article I found the article had been written with very care and cautious words and sentences and meticulously befitting to the subject under consideration and deliberation.

The person responsible for such an upheaval of the reputation, and smearing of the status of the gobal leader is none but the present President of US.

Got a shock effect isn’t it my respected readers? Well , think how sensational and grave the matter could be, that the person who is responsible to uphold the high reputation of the excellent image of the country and its able leadership took only hundred day’s to smash all the image and reputation built with arduous hard work shading sweats and blood every second for centuriesh.  

He just send them rolling down the gutter water washing down the streets of the world of every country. The person without an iota of shame and loyalty in him and to the country respectively shouts at the top of his voice that he is the best President of US and whatever he is doing is to build America Great.

It is known and believed that for any man’s success and  greatness always the hands of a women is there. Alas! What to say about the women take into consideration the entire family of the man as well as the women and you would get to the bottom of the story of the reasons of all these doings. The main reason is the blood that e runs in his body is not the blood of American’s but the NAZIS’S blood.

When his father migrated to US  on the way he got in to the womb or before and was born later . Bad blood gives birth to bad output. His  heart and soul friends are all criminals including the Russian President PUTIN and white house colleague BANNON the people who recruited him and supported by the Zionist terrorists lawmakers of  Republican Party the speaker, senate leader, the ex GOP chairman and many others including the sitting PM of Israel.

Now, to come to te blasting point is why PUTIN did this to meddle in the presidential election 2016.  He did this to take revenge,  for US led sanctions were imposed on Russia. This man on behalf served two purposes one to take revenge of imposing sanctions and the other for dismantling soviet Russia to simple Russia and in the process PUTIN implemented the version of e Russian late Leader  that Russia would not attack US but would humiliate US and teach the American Nation a life time lesson by it own citizen  in  front of the International Community of Nations wich he could not accomplish it as it was detected by the US government and is taking action..

  However, having narrated the Story in length let me  draw the conclusion that doing such heinous crime of treachery involving the citizens of US PUTIN and all those committed the crime of treachery with US will face the punishment today , tomorrow or day after,


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Who has fanned the flames of fascism? Our politicians and newspapers


They pour the petrol and then wonder why it burns. Fascism is on the rise in the west, and it is emboldened, legitimised and fuelled by “mainstream” politicians and newspapers. When we mourn a hero like Bernard Kenny – who courageously tried to stop a fascist terrorist murdering Jo Cox – we have to ask ourselves: who are those with power and influence who helped create the conditions in which racists and fascists breed?
“Cannot believe we’re seeing Nazi salutes in 21st century America,” tweets Nigel Farage about Charlottesville, dragging a can of petrol behind him. Perhaps next the chief executive of a fast-food company will express disbelief at levels of obesity; or a tobacco company will issue a press release spluttering about lung cancer deaths. Farage: the man who stood, arms outstretched, in front of a poster featuring dark-skinned refugees and the words “Breaking Point”. Farage: the man who expressed his “concern” at having Romanians move in next door, and made apocalyptic warnings of Romanians and Bulgarians flooding Britain. Farage: the man who cheered on the ascendancy of Donald Trump, a US president whose most fervent supporters are now triumphantly chanting “Heil Trump!” as they menace minorities and progressives.
But Farage is the easy target. Across the western world a media and political elite scapegoats migrants for the crimes of the powerful, portrays Muslims as a homogeneous violent fifth column, and demonises opponents as unpatriotic saboteurs and internal enemies. Trump’s initial refusal to attribute blame to racists and fascists after a far-right terrorist attack – his subsequent coerced denunciation is worthless, and was followed by his retweet of a leading “alt-rightist” – underlines why those marching in Charlottesville see him as their leader.
But Trump’s campaign of bigotry, taken as a licence to hate by every racist and fascist, was no grubby disruption of a tolerant American consensus. “Obama answers to the Qur’an before the constitution,” declared Fox News contributors. The US constitution would be replaced with the Qur’an, they announced. Muslims would be banned from serving in high office, declared Herman Cain, a Republican candidate for the presidential nomination, a few years ago. “Sharia is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States,” was the pronouncement of Newt Gingrich, the Republican ex-speaker of the House of Representatives. Muslims were the only group Barack Obama offered “undying, unfailing support for”, declared fellow Republican Mike Huckabee.
Those goose-stepping marchers in Charlottesville, those racists and fascists, merely represent the undiluted hatred that festers in the US elite.
And it’s the same in the UK. “What will we do about The Muslim Problem?” scrawls Trevor Kavanagh this week in Britain’s biggest selling newspaper, the Sun. Here is an instructive lesson for those who deny the striking parallels between Islamophobia and the antisemitism of the 1920s and 1930s. “Muslims tell British: Go to hell” screeches the Daily Express. Mail Online continues to provide a platform for the far-right hate preacher Katie Hopkins, who once called migrants “cockroaches” and fantasised about using gunboats against them. Using this platform, she falsely smeared a Muslim family as extremists with al-Qaida. Newspapers openly promote an anti-Muslim hatred that directly parallels the flagrant and acceptable antisemitism of the 1920s and 1930s.
The courageous former Daily Star reporter Richard Peppiatt resigned over “anti-Muslim hate-mongering”. “The lies of a newspaper in London can get a bloke’s head caved in down an alley in Bradford,” he warned, and he’s right. On a daily basis, the British population is asked to blame every problem they have on foreigners, rather than those with power and wealth. “Migrants: How many more can we take?”, “Immigrants bring more crime”, “Britain must ban migrants”, “True toll of mass migration on UK life”, “The ‘swarm’ on our streets”: just the hateful headlines, let alone the bile-filled articles themselves, could fill endless volumes.

David Schanzer
Read more
And then the media report on the frothing racist and fascists of Charlottesville – and Britain, for that matter – like David Attenborough in a nature programme. Where did they come from? The truth is their hatred and bile are legitimised and echoed by media moguls and mainstream politicians alike. In this country, the rightwing Brexiteers portrayed immigrants as a morass of potential criminals, terrorists, rapists and murderers; in the aftermath of their repellent campaign, they portray critics and progressives as enemies of the people and saboteurs who need to be crushed.
Yes, racists and fascists are enabled and empowered by elites on both sides of the Atlantic; and yes, not just by their hatred, but by an economic order that generates needless misery and insecurity, which the bigoted can exploit.
They are the guilty men – the hatred, the chaos and the violence is on them. And as the racists and the fascists continue to march and unleash violent chaos, their enablers must be held accountable.
Owen Jones is a Guardian columnist

Before I narrate my own opinion on the issue, I would say a funny joke we Americans first keep our chikens in the safe custody of a fox and walk away happy. Later on return we don’t see the chickens and ask the fox where are the chicken . the fox replied the birds opened the faulty door and walked away. I request them to return but the chicken replied that not in this life time.

Now coming back to the opinion first we allow people of all strata to run for the Presidential race without any verification of the individual’s background  as to whether he is good enough to participate in the election.

No we are nation of super power, thought all are eligible to participate, even the criminals.

So taking this serious omission in our system the enemy larking in the dark took the opportunity and divided the nation to avenge the imposing of sanction by the West and EU countries on it.

Having said this, we all know how very cordially
and lovingly nature the germ of extinction made healthy and fit to kill our comrades in peaceful procession.

While the leader of these fatal germs blame the innocents protestors of the killing and not the white supremacists or some people call them in different names.
 As these criminal killers are none but politically motivated killers and belong to the regime in power needs to be investigated to pin point under whose leadership they dared to committee such heinous crimes..

They change their color as the situation fits for them to hide their real IDs and blame others by changing their real IDs.

Like white supremacists becomes Neo-Nazi, fascists and so on. The cover up is very cunningly done for the support by the President of the country blaming the peaceful protestors,  the print and electronic media.

In one way we are to blame because we have placed him to the chair of power on such a powerful seat that he with the help of some Zionist lawmakers of US congress is now able to damage the country irreparably by Russian instructions. When he started the  speeches of hate and racism it was then that this ruffian should have been fired from participating in the election. But no the responsible people all supported of the Russian plan and did treachery with the nation..

It is true that hate was there but was fanned by the President from the early days of his campaigning.