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Obama and US exceptionalism - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Obama and US exceptionalism - Opinion - Al Jazeera English


Obama and US exceptionalism

When the 'world's policeman' has failed the world,
isn't it time to appoint a new one?

updated: 03 Jun 2014 13:02
”US President Barack Obama, in his speech to West Point
graduate officers, ever so bravely delivered before an audience who were
literally paid to applaud - chose not to address this uncomfortable truth”.
In such an important article and apprehensive view of the
writer exposes that instead of all facts written in the article he mixed his
personal grievances against the president to make Obama’s critics and countries
happy. Wherever he could. He did this exercise very meticulously to insert his
views to seem as if it was the whole truth nothing but the truth. He did this right
through and avoided to mention names or periods when such event or incident took
place or else name the contributors to the issues to defame US..  
This very exercise has largely marred the value of the
article. It seems the article has been written by a politically motivated
person like a Republican Zionist hunting to grab hold of the President surreptitiously
to defame him with one intention and that is to malign all-great achievements
that President  Obama has achieved, that no other
Presidents of US could so far achieve.
 OBAMA is the first
president who turned the history of might is right to diplomacy and dialog. He took
almost two long term to only show the result by averting a WW III that was
contemplated by the ZIONISTS and Republicans and their accomplices the hub or
the source of all world’s trouble creators. It was because to overturn bad
things to good it takes enormous time ten or eight years is to less time. It
should have been motioned that Israel is the center cause of the Mid East dissatisfaction
and the blind support by the Zionist lawmakers of US congress supporters of
Israel Zionists not the Americans.
·       This
President even after being maligned by the Israel supporters Republican Zionists
lawmakers as Black, carried on with his mission for the welfare of the nation
and country’s progress with a smiling face shunning aside the racists remarks. He
gave importance to the world peace and tranquility and stopped taking the
country to war to protect Israel on false alarm raised by Israel’s indicted
assassin PM as was the practice in the case of the Republican regimes to take the country
to war and massacred and loot the nation’s exchequer when ever the Israel
raised false alarm of danger.
·        President Obama holds the view that war like most
other US Republican Presidents took the country to was not productive except nothing
but to kill human being of all caste creed race and religion always on fake and
lies at the behest of Israel. Rather problems .arising between countries could
be solved by dialog and diplomatic negotiations.
·       By following
the principle he by not going to war with IRAN on Israel’s indicted assassin
criminal PM’s repeated calls and persuasions saved  many human lives both of own and other
countries of the world
·       The
writer of the article without mentioning any defaulters name or simply even period
of the events instead keeping in front of the public the present President as a
show as if he is the main person to be blamed..Whereas, the article contained
very important strategic issues raised to be discussed without blaming US as
failure it would have been proper to point out the truth that it all happened
over decades because of Zionists of the congress protecting Israel Zionists in
their wrong doings..
·       Intelligentsia
would have grabbed the subject,  And would
have set down to do research and find out to blame whom, and would suggest whom
to nominate for policing the world.
Having said all the above I found that some hard facts
have been left without explanation of the cause of happening and the real
people playing the role overtly as and from behind the scene aggressor and
their motives as to whether their active role did good or harm to the US and
which are those victim nations. Whenever Israel resented the policing stop and 
failed to finally hang the Israelis and  those genocide criminals yet, roaming freely without
facing the Justice system. .And why? Is President of US and Queen of England Or
PM of UK are beyond the jurisdiction of any justice system.
 if so the reason
should have been asked from  those
government to clarify . if the question of custom etiquette and prohibition to
publish such omission intentionally by the countries then why write articles of
such importance with facts left unexplained. Then where is the freedom of press
and freedom of speech stands-- No Answer. Everywhere Redtapism Plays vital role
to silence the voice of the people of the world.
A good article more
article with more strong language is needed to break open the door shut to
protect criminals like Israel’s indicted assassin criminal PM , GW Bush . Tony Blair,
Dick Cheney and many lawmakers the genocide criminals who all are still working
as obstructionist to make US a failure. Isn’t it the ZIONISTS that is the root cause
of all problems in the world. The second point is the blind support of all wrong
doings of Israel Zionists by the US Zionist lawmakers that are members of AIPAC
the Israeli poodle in America. It has MOSSAD spy agents working under its cover
and Americans are shitty scared of being killed if anyone opens  mouth against
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