Saturday, August 31, 2013

With Britain Out, Allies Abandon Obama on Syria - The Daily Beast

With Britain Out, Allies Abandon Obama on Syria - The Daily Beast

The show of striking SYRIA rests on the shoulders of the "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA". The reason why all trusted allies  and friends have abandoned because of one lie by US EX President G W Bush the wanted genocide Criminal to the fact that "HE made a public confession when friends and allies were drowned in deep trouble fighting in war field and at home.

G W Bush told the Public that he led the world to war in Iraq on absolute lies". The other fact Bush did not mention is that he waged war on Iraq in Israel's interest.

The Americans know the strike on SYRIA is planned in the interest of Israel. Public in general of all countries have become very alert and sensitive to US LIES, and seems to have lost faith in US governments promises and intents.

Can the US government deny the fact that all these happened and are happening because of "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" blindly supporting Israeli's all wrong doings over last six decades. Losing friends and allies of importance is serious indication and all these are happening because of Israel.

It is time that WE formulated strategies and policies ourselves in America’s interest and not by JEWS with Israel's interest.  People raised the question that how  the US President's decision can be vetoed by Israel's Prime Minister then where to find the existence of America.

That is why the PMs of Israel Declared "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" now after this debacle it is clear as day light that US is not run in American interest but is run in Israel's interest. Overtly opposes the strike and covertly presses the president by "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" military strike.   "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" Is pressuring the President to go for strike, So that SYRIA can come under ISRAEL’S control.

It is because of this fact of Israel's interest the allies and friends have all shifted away. No country in the world except US government not even the Americans likes Israel in general. More because it kills even Americans like street dogs are killed without any remorse what so ever..

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