Friday, August 30, 2013

The End of Pax Netanyahu - By Amos Harel | Foreign Policy

The End of Pax Netanyahu - By Amos Harel | Foreign Policy

So, the truth is surfacing to the world. Previously, when the great power US called the allies for help in the face of any problem the allies in response stood up with US shoulder to shoulder to confronted the problem. But what has happened now?  To cut the long story short this situation has happened because G W Bush had put the allies and their leaders all in morbid trouble instead of solving the problem including him and the country. The allies in dire troubles, G W BUSH made a public confession that he started the war  in Iraq on lies. In fact Bush started the war in the interest of Israel and was playing in the hands of some immature Jew Leaders like Joe Lieberman, Bolton and some others.  

World Community of Nations had enough sufferings being responder to the call for help on covert Israel's interest kept secret to allies to establish Israeli's hegemony in Mid East region to rule the Muslim Region. World Community of Nations later realized that it would end very much in  catastrophe not only the region but also all the countries that would get involved .

See even the French people are against not for US but because of Covert Israel's interest in the strike as before and not in general interest of the people of SYRIA. This is what the Announcement "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" has presented to the American nation that made the US without any ally these days. World Community of Nations has nothing against US or even the present President but they have much more than this to talk against Israel and its behavior and gesture posture with others.

I suppose Americans also realized it and silently expressed their opinion/option by opposing the strike knowing that the strike is in favor of Israel. If the Government failed to realize it then it is the fault of the government not the Americans in general.

I strongly suggest that US has to formulate Policies and Strategies by people with American's interest and not with Israel's interest. The terms and conditions of Israel as ally needs to be reviewed and if changes are required then it should be done in the interest of US and the  Mid East and not Israel's interest.

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