Thursday, August 29, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Administration Has Not Justified Syria Intervention

Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Administration Has Not Justified Syria Intervention

How could such an idiot become politician without possessing any sense of proportion and is devoid of any shame.  He has no sense to understand what to say when and what not to say at all.

How could this buffoon say that the citizens are Fools /stupid they do not understand what the President is doing.? We knew that there is no dearth of monkeys of various species but I am amazed to find a rare species as this genocide criminal that leaked shoes of all concerned and  begged to be saved from the genocide case filed against him in Germany.

The chancellor of Germany personally ensured to withdraw case from the court of law which is unknown in German history.  But it was  done for this miserable idiot smearing the Image of US in front of the world forum, has suddenly popped up now to teach the American Public “ Understand how to make the American nation naked on the street and fuck it as he did as Defense Secretary.

It is very unfortunate that Print Medias and Electronics Medias project these Republican rascals at the annoyance of the public. I am afraid if Medias do not stop projecting these filthy well-reputed traitors of the nation then one day the public might cross all limits of their patience and attack the Medias.

After all what right these people have to call themselves US citizens after Fucking the mother of all mothers “Our Motherland in broad day light in front of the World Community of Nations? I am amazed to watch the audacity of this rascal talk about American citizens not understanding the President’s activities.

Ramsfeld should have realized that he did not fuck his wife and mother naked in public,  but have fucked the Mother of all mothers “The Motherland of the Americans as Secretary of Defense. Did he not understand this while he fucked the Motherland that now he picks up the guts to talk about the people’s President OBAMA and the American citizens, he surely deserves a befitting reply?
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