Thursday, August 29, 2013

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The problem that reins the Mid East politics is based on sects of Muslim and this will go on for eternity and foreign country getting involved is very unfortunate.

It is unfortunate because with the existence of religious conflict between two faction the induction of Israel with brute behavior killing Muslim of both side Muslims aggravated the already complicated situation into a morbid political complicated situation.

Over and above using US to support Israel after wrong doing violating UN Resolution one after the other over last 67 years with no help from both the West and EU for the last 67 years polarized the Muslims to lose faith in US and EU though overtly it is never said and heard.

EU and US should have acted fairly and firmly with the parties then today things would not have become so messy to handle.

The matter was further complicated by the audacious behavior of the general Israelis having no remorse to what was being ruthlessly committed by the government Ministers and IDF in the name of self-defense and safety and security by the government authorities on Palestinians night and day.

Now about Muslim Brotherhood a Political Party which was duly elected by the EGYPTIANS in general election, the right to remove the Democratically elected government was in the hands of the Egyptians through ballot and not by Armed strength of the Army which all Democratic government now agrees

The decision of the US government to with hold all aid or grant to army was correct while the decision of calling Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist was wrong as there is nothing to prove without any shadow of doubt That Muslim Brotherhood to have committed or aided terrorist act all that is said is on supposing. Moreover, General Sissi’s act of removing the elected government by coup de'tat was illegal and cannot be condoned on any account. This two things in addition, Israel’s covert involvement in coupe de'tat was an open secret and as clear as day light.

However, all these have made the situation clumsier. The matter could still be cooled down by sincere effort of US and EU delegation to negotiate and try to solve the issue amicably. However, the people killed by police, military and semi military and all those are involved should be tried by regular court of law and punished. And those arrested should be released

I suppose under no circumstances Mubarak to be let to go free. All these would help regain CONFIDENCE and minimize the doubt against the US and EU and with passage of time thing would be absolutely normal. The successful solving of the long outstanding Israel-Palestine dispute will consolidate it.

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