Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Obama administration just can't seem to pivot to Asia | FP Passport

The Obama administration just can't seem to pivot to Asia | FP Passport

President Obama started with the best procedure in softening up tough issues by diplomatic norms and dialogs which if was started earlier would have resulted in more fruitful result but now. It now may not exactly result as expected. However, it may be mentioned that “It is better to have started late than never”.

US foreign policy makers used US being a Lone Super Power as a mighty brute destructive military power towards the developing countries except of course EU and friendly eastern countries. That means US was a mighty brute power to  Russia, China, India and of course Mid Eastern countries as Israel was supported by US a worldwide recognized as a real brute terrorist entity formed as a state by occupied land in Palestine by killing and dislodging original innocent people of the Palestine. In addition,, to their bad luck US foreign and defense policies are prepared by people of another country as is reported.

Had the Policy Makers kept in view of future rainy days in this changing temporary world and not posed US as a mighty destructive Lone Super Power but  a normal humble friendly power to all equally being even a really  Mightiest Lone Super Power a more positive response would have resulted.

Now, we have to give sometime to the recent talk between the two presidents to settle down in the minds of both Chinese and US. Policy makers have to understand the China is rising economical power but yet not better than US and so to it would require many more years to compete with US as military power.

Therefore, in my opinion it is imperative to prepare a humble and friendly foreign policy with all including enemies.  This would always keep US to the highest esteem in the estimation of the world community of the nations. US has been stigmatized more for supporting wrong doings of Israel and using veto power that alone has put US image on the negative side of the nations of the world. Is it necessary to support wrong doers?

President Obama’s initiation to solve international issues through diplomatic dialogs and now have started  grave bilateral developing disputes by open straight discussion. It  is another new method that his successor should carry forward  to bear fruitful result in future, may be even if China becomes  the lone super power.

But Americans have grave concern over Republicans intentions to continue the policy. Americans and not Israel should formulate all policies particularly foreign and defense, as it diminishes the conditions of country’s Independence. Another thing is Israel would always keep the policy to depend on that country for implementation in each stage.

At the end it can well be said that the summit is a successful launching for a peaceful system to solving all world concerning grave disputes and issues peacefully sitting in diplomatic dialogs.

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