Sunday, June 9, 2013

How Obama Embraced NSA Spying - The Daily Beast

How Obama Embraced NSA Spying - The Daily Beas

 I would humbly start with the question of the question in the article, quote "And why some Bush officials objected to the program back in 2004. Daniel Klaidman reports". There had been valid technical reports with regard to Twine Tower attacks on 9/11by highly qualified expert and there had been counter political action and statements during Bush regime.

The technical report has the mention to the fact that 9/11 has sufficient evidence that it was an act of sabotage executed from within. Centering 9/11 a very highly qualified professor of an University who prepared the report was fired unceremoniously by the then President Bush.

The matter suppressed and Medias could not ventilate the issue according to the law of freedom of press and get inform the public. The matter is still pending proper investigation and was not properly found pout if it was a real terrorist act or self sponsored act to obtain political gain.

Just see the amnesty International has issued a warrant of arrest against him because he is an indicted Genocide committal criminal.  For him to have sponsored and staged the Twin tower blast was not at all impossible. On through inquiry and investigation by processing the already recorded data could bring out the facts for the information of all Americans, which is very important for the nation to know.

Apart from 9/11, more issues needs to be investigated.  Issues like Libby and Rove cases, many other past internal terrorist cases, and International cases that occurred. It was because of these issue that could be investigated or inquired into was the reason for which Deputy Attorney General James Comey and others objected vehemently against the authorization the use of the metadata program.

AT the end of the day, it would be proved that the President is right that none would come to harm or disturbed.
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