Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Netanyahu: Campaign in Congress Against Iran Deal Didn't Harm Israel-U.S. Ties

After White House announces that Obama and Netanyahu to meet for first time in two years, PM responds to criticism: 'I think I know how to navigate Israel's diplomatic relations.'

Barak Ravid Sep 17, 2015 3:32 PM

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that the battle he waged in the United States Congress against the nuclear agreement with Iran had served Israel's interests and not harmed the country's relations with the U.S.

My dearest readers and friends after you have gone through the note above of Netanyahu’s comment on President Obama’s invitation try and analyze the man Netanyahu.

In addition, his desire to white wash the President with his ZIONIST brain would try to raise the Palestine and Israel dispute and make a way out of the Palestine issue and delay the Palestine declaration of Independence within September 2015.

As in future holding such meeting like this would be of very remote change, if unless the President wants to see him at all then of course it would be different but it seems unlikely.

To understand better thinking that next year President would not be there to ask him to do any thing as he would be out going President.

Then he would be able to bulldoze Palestinians at his hearts desire with Saudi Arab, Jordan, and Egypt’s support.

If anything tangible has to happen then all the Muslim countries should demand of the US President that as far as Independence of Palestine is concerned it has to happen this month without any further diplomacy and discussion because 67 years of diplomacy and dialog was enough.  

I think analysts of eminence would come out to distribute sweets with flowery sentences after the negotiation with Netanyahu and President is being done and why not preempt the discussion so that it can not end in fiasco.

Why afraid of being silent, is it because of losing the coveted CNN and Al Jazeera moneyed JOB of Analyst.

Come On now and say some thing and test your merit as this meeting is going to be important. If you all keep shut that would mean your abatement. 

If even nothing happens then on the contrary nothing should be able to happen. Try and make sure of that.

Netanyahu’s comment clearly high lights that he has learn diplomacy to out wit the President and would ultimately capture the post of becoming headman of Mid East.

It is now Time to see how Netanyahu out wits President Obama with the help of Saudi Arab, Jordan and Egypt.. 

If Israel manages to out wit President with plea to sit in peace talk it would mean that all the Muslim death and creation of ISIS was a drama created and staged to pass time to finish the Muslim strength of Muslim in Mid east to place Israel as the head of the Mid East .

If Israel –Palestine dispute is raised and discussion happens then the seed of ultimate would be sown and days would to be counted in reverse order.

Well if any discussion with Iran deal is concerned then nothing could happen other then to salute the President and accept the defeat.

Mr. Netanyahu remember that “Experience is not counted by the grey hair you have in your head”.

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