Thursday, September 17, 2015

ISIS Publishes ‘Death Lists’ for Families to Read

Thousands of people have gone missing in Mosul, Iraq since the Islamic State took over. Now their families are learning if they are in fact dead.

By Khales Joumah

08.28.1512:36 PM ET

DOHUK, Iraq — His heart began beating rapidly and he was short of breath. He’d just seen something on Facebook, a page specializing in news and information from Mosul, his hometown until the so-called Islamic State conquered it in June last year.

The young man, whom we’ll call Hassan to protect the anonymity of his family, spent two days in one of Mosul's prisons soon after the city fell to ISIS, as the extremist group commonly is known.  Hassan’s father was jailed as well, and after they were released Hassan fled the city. But his father stayed. For the past 13 months, Hassan has been desperately hoping for news of his parent.

Now, on Facebook, he learned that ISIS has published a list of over 2,000 names identifying people it has executed.

Locals in Mosul are punished for everything from smoking to watching football games to adultery with sentences that include lashings, stonings and death. And Hassan, who had heard conflicting reports about his father, hoped that he might still be alive. But he also suspected he might have been murdered by the extremists, whose notions of justice date back to medieval times. The list could be his family’s chance to find out for sure.

In Mosul there are literally thousands of missing persons, most of them thought to be arrested and in prisons run by ISIS. Nobody outside the group has known their fate, whether they are alive or dead—and this is the first time that ISIS has published one of these grim rosters.

The “death list,” as locals have called it, contained 2,070 names. Copies of it were hung on the walls of what ISIS calls its Islamic Police Stations.

As word of the lists spread, local people rushed to the walls to scan the names for information about their missing relatives and friends.

Omar Jirjis, as we’ll call him, lives near the ISIS-run police station in the Somar neighborhood in eastern Mosul and he told us what he saw. “Dozens of people came to the center to search for the names of sons, brothers, husbands and other relatives. Many of them had pale faces. Many left the center with tears in their eyes and many of the women who left began crying loudly and beating themselves.”

As the people came near the walls where the death lists were hanging, members of the ISIS police force checked their identities and temporarily confiscated their phones and cameras. They wouldn't allow anyone to take pictures of the lists—presumably so family members would have to come to check the lists in person.

“Members of the group were heavily armed and they were watching the reactions of the people closely,” Jirjis says. “This meant that anyone who did see the name of a loved one on the list couldn’t even complain or curse those who had murdered them—because they knew that the ISIS members wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who curses the organization’s name or objects to its verdicts.”

“Do you think the Islamic State has hotels to accommodate the apostates?”
“I saw a man putting his hand over the mouth of one of the women who came—she was wearing a niqab [covering her entire face]—to prevent her from saying a word,” Jirjis continues. “When she left she got into a car. He closed the doors and the woman started to scream and cry and beat her face. But I couldn’t hear a word she said.”

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