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Israel Launches Criminal Investigation Into One Of The Deadliest Gaza War Strikes

Israel Launches Criminal Investigation Into One Of The Deadliest Gaza War Strikes


Israel Launches Criminal Investigation Into One Of The
Deadliest Gaza War Strikes
Posted: 12/07/2014 6:44 am EST
Updated: 12/07/2014 10:22 am EST

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's military
ordered a criminal investigation of one of its deadliest airstrikes in last
summer's war in the Gaza Strip — an attack that killed 24 members of one
family, most of them children, according to death certificates obtained by The
Associated Press.

The probe was one of eight criminal
investigations announced late Saturday, bringing the total of such probes to
13. The other new cases include suspected looting, the killing of two ambulance
drivers and the killing of a Gaza man carrying a white flag.

The military said it closed seven
other cases of alleged wrongdoing by troops after an internal review, including
two strikes in which it said troops were unaware of the presence of civilians
in the area and two incidents in which Israel apparently was not involved.
Eighty-five incidents are still under review, it said.

The military said it is committed to
reviewing, investigating and examining "exceptional incidents" that
might have taken place during its 50-day war with the Islamic militant Hamas in
July and August.

Israeli human rights groups have
demanded an independent investigation of the war.

Sarit Michaeli of the Israeli rights
group B'Tselem said that much of the harm to Palestinian civilians resulted
from policies "that were made by high-ranking military commanders and by
the political echelon." Military police investigations of particular
incidents "cannot deal with the issue," she said.

One of the new investigations
focuses on a July 20 airstrike on the home of the Abu Jamea family.

The house was filled with family
members getting ready for the evening meal breaking the dawn-to-dusk fast of
the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, survivors said.

The strike killed 24 family members,
relatives said. The Associated Press was given 23 death certificates, including
those of 18 children between six months and nine years.

The apparent target was Ahmed
Sahmoud, a local Hamas commander who was killed in the strike. The family has
not said what connection it had to him.

The military said that there was
"reasonable suspicion" the strike violated army rules.

More than 2,200 Palestinians were killed
in the war, most civilians, according to U.N. figures. The army says up to half
were militants.

On the Israeli side, 66 soldiers and
six civilians were killed.


Having read the
article very minutely the very first thing that strikes and comes to light that, had all the
US President
of both Republican and the Democrat Parties been sincere then all these innocent human beings would not  have to undergo the horrendous brutish gesture and torture by these ISRAEL'S ZIONISTS LED BY NETANYAHU THE CRIMINAL And died without committing any sin or crime.

How can those
individuals be pardoned for being hypocrites Sinners those who played with lives of
absolutely innocent human lives being reputed throughout the world as
Terrorists, assassins, bribe taker corrupt bastards.

In addition, those
who lives on Alms’ given as grant by the US government from the hard earned tax
paid money of the people of America to these kick ousted beggars from their
country by the greatest world Leader Adolf Hitler of GERMANY. These Nazi DNA born
ZIONIST bastard by force occupied Palestinian land and now dared to resort to killing the
innocent Palestinian men, women children and even infants. This fact amply speaks volume of the devilish intent of these fifthly stinking Zionist of the Israel and US. 

The World
community of Nations had been watching these Nazi born DNA criminal Zionist torturing
the innocent Palestinians for the last 67 years for demanding freedom living on
their own land.  

Those people who showed
mercy and
sympathy in good faith to these Zionist thieves thugs and veteran criminals of all shades and types ousted from their own hearth
in GERMANY  they now claim the Palestinian land to be

Even lately the
American of all age irrespective of cast, creed, race and religion came out on the streets
to protest against these Israel’s ZIONISTS led by NETANYAHU the ugliest of all Zionist. Does this not speak volumes of the characteristics of these filthy stinking spitable horrendous Israel's ZIONIST and PM Netanyahu?

The supporters of Israel for
the first time showed their ugly face smearing the good name of the great
country US. These racist ZIONISTS are the US ZIONISTS lawmakers those who have
put the American nation to utter shame and dismay in front of the International
Community of Nations, when they strongly and publicly  supported the committal of Genocide by Israel
ruthlessly killing Palestinian with the fake plea of violence of Israel’s
security .

Not only that the
Zionist lawmaker went to the limit of threatening the life to the UN General
Secretary and all top officials of all UN separate organizations linked up with
works to investigate War Crime and start Genocide case.

If these US
Zionist lawmakers were true to the salt, then they would not have gone public to
support Israel under any circumstances to blacken the face of the American
Nation, rather would have admonished Israel severely for such committal of
heinous crime against Humanity. And that they would have refrained Israel’s PM
publicly insulting the great nation, but Alas! These basically betrayers
dynasty of ZIONIST repeated the same instance of treachery with US as they did
with GERMANS when their forefathers suggested inhumane Torturous punishment for
the defeated GERMANS WW II to the West and EU countries  which angered the
great World Leader Adolf Hitler who was obsessed to punish the Zionists and he
finally kicked out all the ZIONIST traitors from the soil of Germany wherein with them many innocent JEWS
became victim of the Holocaust.  Many Innocents pious JEWS
had to leave their homeland GERMANY for no committal of any crime and offense but for
the  doings of the ZIONIST CRIMINAL LIKE NETANYAHU and Israel’s wrong doing supporters
for last 67years of the US ZIONIST Lawmakers TREACHERY of the past and present.  

All these damage
to the American nation could have been avoided if these ZIONISTS of Israel and US would have behaved like sincere, loyal and reliable American
Nationals. But no they did not behave like American National rather behaved
like unreliable uncouth traitor ZIONISTS. The saner world Jewish
community would say the same against these ZIONISTS.

The horrible thing
is that the American had been so deeply brain washed by the poodles AIPAC and CNN
of the Israeli ZIONISTS and their supporters the ZIONIST  Lawmakers in US
that American people have no knowledge of the damage done to the nations by these ZIONIST criminals. This is why
the international Community of Nations call the American citizens as ignorant
of their nations welfare and themselves.

They the American believe the
ZIONISTS even if they cut their throat and hang them upside down and say how
beautiful you look naked in this position.  The American men women and children all
alike would believe because they were told by THESE ZIONISTS that  they were the best friend of the Americans but in
reality they are the cut throats.

Problem is the ZIONUSTS
would never  tell the Americans that they there are the deadly snake and are getting
ready to kill all Americans of all age today, tomorrow or day after. 


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