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Eliciting Fear at Home and Abroad, Israel Seeks to Downgrade Democracy | Peter Mellgard

Eliciting Fear at Home and Abroad, Israel Seeks to Downgrade Democracy | Peter Mellgard
Eliciting Fear at Home and Abroad, Israel Seeks to
Downgrade Democracy
Posted: 12/05/2014 5:33 pm EST Updated: 12/05/2014 5:59 pm

As European governments, one by one,
vote to recognize a Palestinian state, Israelis are wrestling with their own
questions of national identity in a polarizing debate that some say will
destroy the state of Israel in its current form.

On Tuesday, the lower and more
powerful house in the French Parliament
voted to support the establishment of a
Palestinian state. Though it was a symbolic move that is unlikely to change
France's foreign policy or its diplomatic support for Israel, the vote added
weight to a growing cascade of pro-Palestinian sentiment in Europe. In a
similar vote in October, U.K. lawmakers
voted to back the Palestinian push for
statehood. According to reports,
Belgium could soon follow suit. The
European Parliament, the EU's only directly elected body, issued a statement
promising to put the issue
to a vote in

After each vote, the Israeli
responded with
withdrawing its ambassadors
and saying that moves to recognize Palestine as its own independent state
"send the wrong message to leaders and people in the region."

Meanwhile, within Israel, a
legislative initiative first brought forward by
two right-wing Israeli
parties sparked a fiery debate over the country's legal and religious identity,
and contributed to the
collapse of the ruling government.
The two bills reiterate Israel's identity as a Jewish state while
simultaneously reducing the importance of democracy as a defining political
characteristic. Late last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet
passed a resolution that committed the
government to support a bill joined from the two initiatives.

Liberal members of Netanyahu's
coalition were quick to voice their opposition. Justice Minister
Tzipi Livni argued it was "destroying the
country"; Attorney General
Yehuda Weinstein said
it would "squash the democratic character of the state." Netanyahu
fired Ms. Livni and Yair Lapid, the finance minister,
accusing them of organizing a "putsch"
against him. The departure of the two ministers brought down the ruling
coalition. National elections have been
scheduled for March,
two years ahead of schedule.

Analysts say a vote on the
contentious nation-state bill is unlikely to be put to a vote any time soon.
"I think it will be held over for the next parliament," Alan Elsner,
the vice president for communications at J Street, told The WorldPost.

Whether or not it ever comes to a
full vote in the Knesset, the nation-state legislation has exacerbated an increasingly
polarized debate within Israel over the country's political and religious
identity. Writing in Ha'aretz,
Chemi Shalev expanded
upon the legislation in a fictional "preview" of Israel in which
non-Jews are unwelcome. "Arabs seeking to enter any Jewish or mixed town
would be obliged to wear the crescents" -- badges Shalev likens to those
forced on Jews by the Nazis -- "for their own safety as well as that of
the Jews."

Also in Ha'aretz, the columnist
Gideon Levy
wrote: "This bill is legal
preparation for the right wing's one-state solution, the annexation of the
territories and the establishment of the Jewish apartheid state."

The legislation also prompted
passionate responses from abroad, especially in the United States.

"It is troubling that some have
sought to use the political process to promote an extreme agenda which could be
viewed as an attempt to subsume Israel's democratic character in favor of its
Jewish one," the Anti-Defamation League said in a statement.

"I am very, very concerned
about it," Dalia Rabin, a former deputy minister of defense and daughter
of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated by an
Israeli extremist in 1995, echoed
during a panel discussion at the 92nd Street Y in New York on
Thursday night. "It's making Israel a place for Jews only. I pray it will
never pass."

The Zionist Organization of America,
on the other hand, strongly supports the legislation.

"I find it astounding that this
is in any way controversial," said Mort Klein, the president of the ZOA,
in an interview with The WorldPost. "That's what the promised land is --
it was promised to the Jewish people."

He went on: "The legislation
clearly says this will make no changes in any non-Jew's democratic rights in
Israel. It changes absolutely nothing."

Others, however, see this
legislation as a small step further to the right, and further in the direction
of intolerance, in Israeli political society.

"It's another in many different
manifestations of how the country is becoming more nationalistic, more religious
and less tolerant of minority views," said Mr. Elsner.

For Israel's Arab-Palestinian
citizens, said Ofer Zalzberg, a senior analyst with the International Crisis
Group's Middle East and North Africa Program, the legislation "fulfills
the fear that Israel will become an explicitly and formally ethnic state in
which they would be inherently discriminated."


It is now clear to
the international Community of nations that with what type of vicious and venomous Cobra
snake the American innocent was raring it with bread butter and milk not ever
thinking that it would strike when it is full grown.

But thank GOD
almighty that France government bravely had put its hand on the snakes nest hole when
the leader of the venomous snake Cobra Netanyahu was forced to come out with his mouth full of venom to spit on France but alas! he had to spitted on his own clan Livni and the Foreign Minister all the poison but could not kill them, but the poison  so venomous
that his ruling Knesset was burned to ashes. 

However, facilitating and helping US, UK, Germany,
the three nations fond of this venous snake alleged to have used it on odd
missions on their behalf see and believe how very ugly he looked. Not only that France government did another mentionable
kind heroicJob by bringing the real ugly face of the snake out from its hole to public view and also have shown the face of Israel’s most venomous dirty face to the EU countries. 

It was this Netanyahu who vowed to avenge all EU countries with GERMANY, UK and
most unfortunately also US the country which fed it with bread, butter and milk
to survive. Now It is clear that it was preparing to also strike US at the first opportune
moment with the help of the Zionist Lawmakers that supported him in all its
wrong doing including committal of genocide smearing the good name of US in
front of the World Community of Nations. 

The other two countries UK and GERMAN
government are in the hands of liars and false promising leaders while GERMANY
also was on the side of the oppressed and weak. Muslim countries always
sided with it even when the wanted criminal G W Bush leaving his sweet
beautiful wife came down to give a shoulder rub to this Germany’s chancellor she did
not respond to send troops to the war against the Muslims. But now it seems she is
attracted to the snake’s figure and face then what was wrong with Bush and Berlusconi’s face and the

However, Saudi
Arabia and other Muslim contries including Iran should sit and solve their internal
problems and shun interference by these venomous snake Israel’s leader

France has not done what Tony Blair and Cameroon the lairs the off
shoots of sea pirate's sons 
 have behave with the Muslim world. 

These mentioned two  Sea Pirates sons of criminals did with
Arabs and other countries leaders as if these countries were their paternal properties with the blessing
of the daughter - in - law  killer head of Britain.  In addition, also the Scott’s election
winning vote thief Cameroon.

If American Public
still needs further proof when the Jews stand witness of the viciousness of the
Israel’s criminal leaders Netanyahu and gang's intent and the working of AIPAC and CNN and the supporter of the Zionist Lawmakers then dig the
grave to take shelter sooner than any person can save US from the hands of
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