Friday, October 17, 2014

UN Rights Chief Says The World Underestimated 'Twin Plagues' Of Ebola, ISIS

UN Rights Chief Says The World Underestimated 'Twin Plagues' Of Ebola, ISIS


Whenever an evil act was done by a particular intelligence  organization of a world well reputed terrorist lone state of Israel it never could be blamed for various reasons. One main reason is that the Zionist Congressional Lawmakers of Super Powers  considers UN as their fathers paternal property and threatened the Secretary General and all other top official with their life.

What is left for the International Community of Nations to understand after this is that the world order is taken as hostess by the terrorists of Israel duly supported by the Republican Zionist terrorist congressional lawmakers those who not only support this Israel's terrorists but seats them on their lap kiss their ass hole and practices incest openly in sitting position .

The print media do not prints because of the lawmakers prestige. But on the contrary grossly violating the provisions of  freedom of press binding on the journalists to print the available  facts of all types for the information of  the people of all International Community of nations.

Now, the fact is It was This terrorist Zionist Leader Netanyahu who claims to be the best friend of Americans released the germs of EBOLA to divert the backlash of ISIS its creation with the help others. But as God is the super conspirator tore open the evil plot and smeared black israel's dirty devilish front of the World Community of Nations.

It  is taking time to believe as to why Netanyahu would do that ?  Because this terrorist ZIONIST LEADER  could do such a devilish crime of releasing the virus to kill human beings  is beyond any humane imagination.

But killing human beings is his professional job. NETANYAHU is the lone world's reputed assassin indicted criminal in more then one case in police case. waiting in the court of law for trial.

There is another  information and that is UK and French is a great fan of this terrorist State criminal and the Labor Party activists and the country's PM and also French President are its  helper in all activities and in all respect in implementation of this conspiratorial plan under discussion ..

Both the PM of UK and the President of French are trusted friend of the  ZIONIST terrorist veteran assassin criminal leader Netanyahu those who planned two things:

First: to create a Frankenstein with the name and style of Muslim to defame the religion "ISLAM". And secondly to coverup with a view to divert attention and hide the vicious activities to fall in the hands or in the knowledge of the World Community of Nations.

These inhumane brutes not visualizing the impact released the virus germs of "EBOLA"putting the entire world in total SHOCK of life and death..  

Now what ever you observe that is  taking place is because of the Terrorist Zionist famous assassin leader Netanyhau's, UK PM and President of French's  kindness and gift to the world.

The human beings are not dieing because of the decease but are murdered by this uncouth ZIONIST terrorists of ISRAEL and its LEADER NETANYAHU, UK PM, and French President. This is a very expensive gift to the world by these uncouth criminal  trying to degrade a religion with the help of the monarchy people of sea pirates dynasties and murdering innocent people of the world needs a thorough investigation to ascertain the details of the conspiracy.

Coalition of criminals trying to smear the good name of the Americans nations.

"Remember this should teach a good lesson to all there is no best  friends and allies in this world all are opportunists and pretenders particularly with criminal background be they are from any religion makes no difference.

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