Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Comments on The new Iraq war: Britain joins the fight | The Economist

Comments on The new Iraq war: Britain joins the fight | The Economist

The coalition was formed on the basis of UK PM David Camron's fiery speech to deal with the ISIS,ISIL, or IS call the terrorist organization by any name is no matter but at the end it the activities of the British Government of  David Cameron does matter and is highly deplorable.

Because of the fact that the US government due to UK PM David  Cameron's persuasion the US government in particular President hurriedly completed formalities even confronting stiff opposition of the Republican congress. Where as the PM failed to rise up to the situation and stand up to by his Publicly stated threat to the ISIL terrorists of taking dire actions against them to permanently finish them.

Of course except his fiery speech against the ISIL terrorists got his country's innocent UK citizens beheaded for no fault of their......

This act of the PM of UK depicted a deteriorated dilapidated controversial political image of Camaron government.

The very image of UK once thought to be strong arms of the coalition has greatly tarnished the image and strength of the Coalition.Over and above the recent statements against the coalition members by the Vice President and begging apology to head of those countries, in addition, the Zionists trying to save the genocide criminal Netanyahu and its country from Genocide committal case. The Zionist Lawmakers threatening the UN top most officials Like UN Secretary General and all other UN top Official to refrain from taking action against Netanyahu and Israel in genocide committal case or face dire consequences. what and audacious act by Zionist Lawmakers.

Many more anomalies created by Israel's Zionist terrorist and the Zionist lawmakers over the last 67 years of own making on the Palestine land grabbing has all added to the uprising of the present situation ignited by G W Bush on Israel's repeated persuasion and ultimately going to war on pure lies confessed by both the wanted genocide accused ex-US President G W Bush and yet to be tried the abettor the UK ex-Prime Minister has very strongly strengthened the ISIS activities.

The most unfortunate fact is Israel is the creator of this Frankenstein ISIL to fight SYIAN.

Now, The World Community of Nations is confused as to whom to blame, the coalition counties for creating a Frankenstein or the ISIS or ISIL the Frankenstein a coalition of many foreign countries citizens including citizens of the coalition countries.
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