Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chinese investors surged into EU at height of debt crisis -

Chinese investors surged into EU at height of debt crisis -

Chinese investors surged into EU at height of debt
By Jamil Anderlini in Beijing


Since I am only to
share my thought I would only briefly jot down the salient points of the
Chinese ultimate goal to achieve to be the real number one in financially and
gradually Militarily.

Even after having
all the relevant data for the analysts to assess and deduce the ultimate result
after thorough analysis it may or might not work out because what ever happens would happen
would happen as per the decision of God. But Analysts are meant to say in
advance the end result on the basis of the date in hand. However, authorities
would look into that.

Now, China has
strengthened its western side by Russian friendship and advancing to further
strengthen its resistance by financial deals with the Europeans.

The paid analyst
friends should take on to find out the rest impacts of these deals to have
future positive/negative development for China and US/EU to be real number one
protected by RUSSIA and EU countries in the WEST.

THE NORTH ICE AND SNOW. China to look after only the EAST. MID EAST IS UNDER

In addition, it
has taken India in the realm of its friends circle in BRICS not because of
solving land dispute but because its another close friend Common friend Russia
to handle India and this the Indian authorities know very well shield China
from threats from south.

Then it has
already deeply advanced in almost all African Countries and the terms and
condition including as conducting honest business with the African created a
significant impression among the African people and the countries which both West
and EU countries miserably failed. And China very diligently using all the
mistakes committed by the West and EU countries used to its advantage. Can
anyone deny the facts after thorough analysis?

China has a very
powerful poodle well trained in secrecy and armed with WMDs more powerful then
Israel the poodle of US. Can the West and EU deny that the way situation that  are developing because of the ZIONISTS handling of the affairs of the lone supper power are and would be detrimental to the country in the long run.WHERE IN US is becoming highly controversial of supporting the genocidal committal terrorists entity and US ZIONIST lawmakers publicly supporting not only the terrorist activities but also threatening UN top most all authorities and also would use Veto power to all resolution against Israel.

What best weak
point then to separate a majority religious entity from the US support leaving
the few rich Muslim countries of Middle East is there than this. Many more
points are there to exploit.

South America
continent is already in the hand of China's friends. More later, but for a
while this might keep the relevant authorities and analysts busy assess and

Chinese investors surged into EU at height of debt crisis -

As investors fled
Europe in the worst days of its sovereign debt crisis, China-based companies
moved in the other direction and surged in, with cash...

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