Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NATO Sees 'High Probability' Of Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

NATO Sees 'High Probability' Of Russian Invasion Of Ukraine


Maliki would drag his feet until it is time for Iran mediated with Russia to get US perforce to engage in Ukraine relief indirect war. No Iraqi Shiite is out of Iranian link.

Writing the truth are not published by News Print media because the authorities may/might think that would hamper the prestige of the US government Administration Internationally, forgetting that as per law hiding the true information from the knowledge of the citizens and of the people of the World Community of Nations is a crime.

What is there so dangerous that would disgrace writing about the bloody bastard G W Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair those who played not only with the countries population but made International population's  Life hell.

Is it just because they were executive heads of the government. Does that give immunity to pardon them after fucking, inclusive of own country and the World Community of Nations in the name of saving nations from the terrorists attack.

Does their terrorist activities with the help of worst terrorist nation Israel working from behind the screen is less in any ways then the terrorists of the actual Terrorists activities.

Was that the job of US and UK government executive heads to go for terrorist activities to take control of another sovereign country by killing millions on self confessed lies and that too without facing any trail by the important ICC established as a show peace and to run a steam roller on weak country and SUCK the penis of Israel's Terrorists after committing genocide. Can it deny  We are waiting see how it sucks the stool from the Israel's ass holes this time..

Did not  Amnesty International shove the full arms through US Ex President, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair by Issuing a warrant of arrest declaring G W Bush as a wanted genocide criminal. Did that  lessen to disgrace the entire Nation and the World Community of Nations in any way, by now not publishing the truth about their criminal acts.

Even this time the World Community Of Nations as well as the citizens of US observed pet dog CNN's some news broadcasters like an animal named Wolf, motherfucker suggesting during interviewing the Israel's spokesman if Netanyahu is not thinking of occupying GAZA once again. This mother fucker and almost all Zionist serving in this Pet dog of Israel's propaganda CNN Electronic media a den of Prostitutes run in the interest to serve as the free fucking INN for all Zionists IN US.

This filthy organization needs to be stopped and cancelled its broadcasting license by the demand of the public because it smears the good name of the US every time with impunity due to Congressional ZIONISTS influence.  .

This Electronic Media  CNN of late Is found to have a sister organization BBC.  These two Medias Of the Israel's Zionist supporters are the cause of Human Suffering of the world community Of Nations, because of hiding the criminal Terrorist acts of Israel the lone Terrorist state in the world and the lone motherfucker, own daughter fucker, and own son sodomites filthy stinking nation. Even of late the Jewish community despise the Zionists and spits on the face of Netanyahu the world reputed criminal assassin PM of Israel.

US and EU should get ready to go into action in not minutes but in seconds to save Ukraine in case Russia invades which seems to be imminent.       

It is requested that screening on electonic media and through printing in News Print the photos of the traitors like G W Bush and all those who along with him worked and the terrorist Zionists of state of Israel harmed the nations of US and the World Community of Nations, must kindly be stopped to pay homage to the victims of the terrorist acts of these animals that claims the lives of millions at the behest of Israel's Zionists

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