Thursday, August 7, 2014

Comments on India and Nepal: Neighbourhood watch | The Economist

Comments on India and Nepal: Neighbourhood watch | The Economist

Have gone through the article
and 'am is amazed to find the article has touched few important pertinent
points raising important issues to deliberate on issues to elucidate
on the important facts.

The subject issues are vast and thus would require to deliberate on the issues in as briefly as possible.

First of all the fact is Nepal is the only Hindu country of the world
and side by side India is a Hindu majority country. The difference
between these two countries are Nepal is devoid of using religious issues in their
politics while India does. Though both are of the same Hindu religious
majority country yet Nepal was not ever close to India from the
beginning. The reasons are obvious and is better to keep the matter out
of the deliberation under consideration.

India under long Congress
Party rule  involving religious and racial, land grabbing by
state, corruption, being the home breeding country of terrorist, and
social hatred and undaunted attachment with Russia following the dual
divergent political ideology of democracy and socialism to keep both
happy and suck the Juice.

The double standard has made India
the breeding center of intricate highly combustible political land to
one day bust open the country to an unpreventable serious revolution.

The Political analysts belonging to a particular clan of the West must
analyze the effect and impact of the above mentioned Religious, racial,
and social hatred and on all other causes would bear upon the country
affecting the friendly countries.

It is the bounden duty to
analyze the issues now without hiding facts from the knowledge of the
International community to the effect that hiding such facts would
tantamount to committing treachery with the legal right of all
individual to know the truth about the impact of Indian Social
Revolution which is imminent to take place at anytime in the very near

No further elucidation on this vital issue is necessary
except sincere actions by the social, political and publish the detail
report on the findings with suggestions of possible remedial for the
information of the World Community of Nations that includes the country

Coming to the very salient points existing in India the
same Political Party ruling India for decades left the country in a
state in its skeleton from with no life. Becoming economical power is
not enough when the benefit of such economical achievement does not
reach to its most minimum limit to the poor mass.

It would be
wise to leave the very sensitive issue of corruption at all level, law
and order situation in the hands of the Almighty Omnipotence's mercy but
the social division and the home grown terrorists is not only posing as
national dangerous to the India's stability but is also becoming a dangerous
threat to its neighboring country.

Under the background of the
above mentioned situation and the rise to power of Mao's in Nepal and
Chines support from behind leaves non in doubt to imagine the obvious
outcome. Nepal no doubt would like to shake hand with India but to what
good, could only be evaluated primary by analyzed only how it would depending on how China and India fairs in their
relationship in normal conditions and not BRICS. India is an
nondetachable Life long friend of Russia whether It is Congress Party Or BJP Party.

But China is a determent pursuer either way in the case of a friend and an enemy whatever it considers.
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