Saturday, July 12, 2014

Putin deliberates on Ukraine - FT World - World & Global Economy Video -

Putin deliberates on Ukraine - FT World - World & Global Economy Video -


It is evident from the facts that took place during last few months in UKRAINE by covert RUSSIAN' war game amply reveals the soar facts that PUTIN wanted to prove to the countrymen then to the world that he is the greatest of all World Leaders.

But unfortunately he could not get out of his door steps to show his ugly  face to the world when President Obama's decision to humble him down by Sanction started to effectively act. He has now been brought down deep to the bottom of the sea level..

Least to speak of his leadership as PM of Russia his very existence is at stake. To confront forth coming ordeal at home he would do anything to save his face and chair. What PUTIN has done is he acted like an obstinate audacious person most unworthy of becoming a World Leader that broke the  trust AND INTERNATIONAL LAW of being a founder member of UN and Super Power.

He definitely proved himself over again and again as a spy agent nothing more than that. He for sure would try to take down China now. We just have to wait and see how and why.

PUTIN would shortly start arresting his opponents which might send the country to the path of genocide, because of the fact Putin's new addition of Crimean people might be used by him to kill Russians to avert the political main thrust of the opposition political activists agenda during the forth coming election from well beforehand.

The Russian are going to learn for the first time that whatever PUTIN has done up till now has largely contributed to the total destruction of the nation.

On the other hand Russians are learning and would learn that had the US President and the EU country's leaders combined were not considerate and sympathetic toward Russians after the treachery and genocide that  PUTIN committed in Ukraine the entire Russian nation would be dead by now if harder sanctions were imposed.

It has been a wrong deduction to say Putin would clamp down more decisively now because of the fact he took the path of brutality and tyranny from the day he took office with a well planned plan that he would follow rigidly without any deviation. It is the same plan but it only changes the phase from one to the another.

PUTIN had always been trying to establish totalitarianism government from day one. The Russian Planners as usual thought everything is achievable with muscle power and barrel of guns and forgot that things have changed drastically. Even Russia and China's thought of establishing separately a financial establishing would boomerang on them.

Finally this time if Russian Prime Minister tries to go tough on opposition he would not be allowed to go ahead without a very stiff resistance which may lead to PUTIN'S committal of GENOCIDE.            
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