Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Michelle Obama 'Definitely' Will Not Go Into Politics After Leaving The White House

Michelle Obama 'Definitely' Will Not Go Into Politics After Leaving The White House

Obama 'Definitely' Will Not Go Into Politics After Leaving The White House

WASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) - U.S. first lady Michelle Obama will not go into
politics after leaving the White House, she said on Monday, dismissing rumors
she might follow in the footsteps of predecessor Hillary Clinton and run for
the Senate after her husband leaves office.

At an event to promote family-friendly workplace policies, the wife of
President Barack Obama was asked whether her next move would be political.

"No, it will not be political. It definitely will not be. It will be
mission-based, service-focused," Mrs. Obama told ABC newscaster Robin

Her comment may have been aimed at shutting down recent speculation that Mrs.
Obama was mulling a future run for the U.S. Senate. President Obama's term in
the White House ends in early 2017.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000
just as her husband, President Bill Clinton, was finishing his second term. She
went on to become U.S. secretary of state under Obama after losing to him in a
run to become the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.

During her time as first lady, Michelle Obama spearheaded a movement to make
school lunches healthier, a move for which she has come under recent fire from
congressional Republicans.

Before her husband went into politics, Obama worked as an attorney, director of
a "public allies" leadership-training group in Chicago and as
director for community affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals.
(Reporting by Annika McGinnis; Editing by Jeff Mason and Ken Wills)


with the news published with regard to first lady, Michelle Obama not entering
the politics after leaving the White House is a misnomer because if God desires
her to join Politics after The First Lady Hillary Clinton and run for the
presidential election who is there to boast and say she would not. So better to
keep the dirty lips shut and let the Politics run as God wants it to proceed.

Let me also add who would stop God willing Elizabeth running
for the presidential Election after the two tenures of first lady, Michelle
Obama.  So please stop prediction, US
needs the rule by women after the Zionists Axis of Evil Obstructionists devastating
the social, moral and national progress.

Republicans has lost the right to run
the country’s affair as it has no capable leader except the genocide criminal gangsters
and Zionists incest practicing Nazi’s illegitimate bastards who all not only
polluted the entire world social structures but also morbidly devastated the US
social Harmony.

God would be very kind if He blesses this nation by sending
women folk to work and rule the nation as he blessed by sending President Obama
to retrieve the entire nation from the catastrophe left by the genocide
criminals the gang of the G W Bush the wanted genocide criminal of Republican

If after this people come up with fresh ideas then it would
be nothing but to challenge The God’s will to do good to the mankind not only
of US but entire world like in old days ZIONISTS used to challenge God and land
in trouble.    
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