Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor died an 'unnatural death' following revelations of husband's 'affair' on Twitter - Telegraph

Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor died an 'unnatural death' following revelations of husband's 'affair' on Twitter -Telegraph

Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor died an 'unnatural death'
following revelations of husband's 'affair' on Twitter
autopsy on Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor has shown that she died an "unnatural,
sudden death" after she published on Twitter claims about her husband
Shashi Tharoor's alleged affair with a Pakistani journalist

Doctors have said that the wife of a senior
Indian minister died an "unnatural, sudden death" after revelations
about her husband's alleged affair.

Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor, 52, was found dead on
Friday in a luxury hotel in Delhi. She had used Twitter to allege that her
husband, Shashi Tharoor, had had an affair with a Pakistani journalist.

One of the doctors who carried out the autopsy
said that "more tests" are needed to determine the final cause of Mrs
Tharoor's death, and the results will not be known for two to three days.

Mrs Tharoor's death shocked India's
political establishment, which had been captivated by the public row over her
husband Shashi Tharoor's relationship with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar only
hours earlier.

Mr Tharoor himself was taken to the hospital
late on Friday suffering from palpitations and chest pains, a few hours after
discovering his wife dead in their suite at the Leela Hotel. He was later

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Private messages purportedly from the
journalist declaring her love for Mr Tharoor and indicating a relationship
between them were posted by Mrs Tharoor on his Twitter account, she admitted in
interviews after he had claimed his account had been hacked.

Mrs Tharoor had leaked the messages because
she believed Ms Tarar was "stalking" her husband and that they had
had a "rip-roaring affair."

She also accused Ms Tarar of being a spy for
Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency. Ms Tarar denied all the allegations and
said they were a figment of Mrs Tharoor's imagination.

Indian social media users called it the first
"death by Twitter" – with the drama being played out over days on the
microblogging site.

Mrs Tharoor said she was heartbroken and would
divorce her husband. She moved into the Leela Hotel, she told the television
channel NDTV, because of her husband's alleged behaviour. But the couple
reconciled and on Thursday issued a joint statement saying they remained
happily married.

Mr Tharoor left her at the hotel early on
Friday to attend a Congress Party rally for leader Rahul Gandhi and returned
around 8pm. He sat in the lounge because he believed his wife was sleeping, but
when he checked in at 8.30pm he found her dead in her nightdress on the bed.

His spokesman said there were no indications
of "foul play" and friends have since spoken of her fears for her
health. She had been treated in France for abdominal tuberculosis and lupus and
had been admitted to hospital in India more recently.

She was taken to the Kerala Institute of
Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Trivandrum last week, where she said she "got
so many issues diagnosed in KIMS that now who knows when I got 2 go with joy –
Hastay hua jayegay [it will happen merrily/easily]," she said on Twitter a
few hours before she was found dead.


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