Sunday, January 19, 2014

Putin: Snowden Can Come To The Olympics

Putin: Snowden Can Come To The Olympics

 Putin: Snowden Can Come To The Olympics

Posted: 01/19/2014 10:53 am EST  |  Updated: 01/19/2014 10:58 am EST

WASHINGTON -- In case you were curious, Edward Snowden, the famed National Security Agency leaker who is now living under asylum in Russia, is free to attend the Olympic games in Sochi next month.

On Sunday, George Stephanopoulos, of ABC's "This Week," scored a sit-down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And among the topics of discussion –- Russian-U.S. relations, Olympic security -- the two talked about Snowden’s capacity to travel.
And if Snowden has a hankering to watch the top curlers in the world, he’s in luck.

STEPHANOPOULUS: The most famous American in Russia right now is Edward Snowden. Is he invited to Sochi?

PUTIN: The most renowned American in Russia right now is Barack Obama.

STEPHANOPOULUS: But he is not in Russia right now.

PUTIN: Everybody is invited. Mr. Snowden is subjected to the treatment of provisional asylum here in Russia. He has a right to travel freely across the country. He has no special limitation. He can buy a ticket and come here.


Snowden was a planted person by Russia. The US analysts should understand that due to faulty policy making by people inclined to Israel’s way of thinking engaged in formulating both foreign policy and defense policy together with both the strategies at their sweet will is not only harmful but morbidly fatal for the lone super power. The Political environment has become more vicious and harmful when the three senior leaders of the Republican congress has continuously kept the Pentagon administrative machinery extremely engaged and busy confronting the Republican's obstructions and political unnecessary feud not giving chance to the democrats government enough time to concentrate on important diplomatic matters. Republican's activities after election has an animosity stint extremely harmful for the nation and can be considered to be beyond any norms of political activities other than to harm the nation wittingly for a particular cause to establish Israel's desires..

When friends become enemy it is more dangerous than outside enemy.  CIA and FBI may from now believe nobody particularly the lobby groups and their members and associates. All these plants in vital places of a country's administrative machinery are virtually done with the help of the lobby groups in lieu of huge money paid to the principle country of the Lobby group without an iota of doubt .

Just imagine the audacious insulting comment of PUTIN "Snow in Russia and Obama out of Russia". I am sure everyone understands the inert meaning of PUTIN"S mean audacious comment. Recently he is trying to secure his stand in Mid East and expand because of Israel’s overt faulty moves and covertly unchecked and uncoordinated moves of secret deals in and out with Russia. This state needs strict surveillance over the Ministers and high officials movements within and outside Isrel. 

After Mid East Putin has set his target is south east Asia and is trying to enter by installing a poodle of India in power with purely supported by him and India against the WILL of the world Community of Nations. Wrong deal with India has already entailed a HEAVY loss because of the strategical mistake committed by the policy makers.  Putin is trying to make Olympic a conveyance to reach the world Community of Nations WITH OPEN ARMS with vision to achieve successfully his aims and objectives of introducing RUSSIA to the World in new friendly form to once again BECOME A SUPERPOWER with the help of  Mid Eastern unsatisfied countries due to Israel's faulty brutal conduct over 67 years. Finally also to gather both economical and financial strength to act powerfully as super power.
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