Sunday, September 15, 2013

U.N. Chief Says He Has 'Overwhelming' Evidence of Chemical Attacks in Syria | The Cable

U.N. Chief Says He Has 'Overwhelming' Evidence of Chemical Attacks in Syria | The Cable


It is very true that the Chemical weapon was used but it is not enough to accuse only SYRIA because Chemical weapons are also in the possession many other countries if other countries including Israel with same chemical ingredients can possess Chemical weapons then how can only SYRIA be held responsible without pin pointing SYRIA's act with sufficient evidence. If it is done then it would be illegal to accuse SYRIA . Similarly many countries are killer countries why leave them and with what interest.. 

 One killed innocent populations during last President the father of Assad and Israel kills on daily basis under the patronage and leadership of leadership "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" and& AIPAC. Not only that, Israel has violated all UN resolutions passed during the last 67 years but an believable committal of genocide. That episode has not been forgotten nor will ever be forgotten for centuries to come the way Israel killed Muslim innocent men, women, infants and children by gun, tanks, bombardment from air and sea.

Why today so, what happen during the committal of one-sided war by Israel killing the mention innocent by Chemical weapons from air bombardment? World community wants to know from Israel and US “WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA” if air to surface bombardment of phosphorous bombs by Israel to kill innocent Palestinians was authorized for Israel to kill.  Can the Super powers deny the above-mentioned facts? Can we believe this notorious terrorist and trouble monger country to possess Nukes of and type?

This terrorist country cannot be left to go Scott free without .being disarmed. Just let the Super powers demand and also pass the resolution for all chemical Weapon countries big or small held by them to surrender all chemical weapon to UN for destruction and the list should head with ISRAEL and SYRIA. World Community of Nations requests all to see the violent fury of the "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA IN FAVOR OF ISRAEL.

Would it not prove that this ISRAEL Is a terrorist country being backed by the US JEWS congress. Should it be proper to bow and submit to a terrorist country? Would it be an act of shame and crime for the Super powers as then what would be the difference between a terrorist country and the Super Powers? Very good, we World Community of Nations have no shame if we are forced to submit to a terrorist country. Would there be any cogent reason to have the right to live in an environment of the worst criminal conditions. 

Would the Super Power explain us what we should do and we should not.
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