Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gulf Islamist Dissent Over Egypt | Marc Lynch

Gulf Islamist Dissent Over Egypt | Marc Lynch

I have cautioned the people about such a reaction but the people who orchestrated the coupe from behind the scene paid no heed to it. These people claim to be the master of formulating political, defense and foreign policy /strategies of their country and of others. While they intentionally overlook the dire consequences that would follow such an illegal action in a country having the power to impact on the entire region, if anything goes wrong Within.
However, the ball is set to roll nothing more can be done now than to back track and amicably settle the differences by holding dialog or the mater to be left to roll and get bigger like " Drop of water gathers to make an ocean" and get ready for the days to come to face the consequences. Both Iraq and Afghanistan war must have taught something that sophisticated arms could not out maneuver and win the old 303 rifles and hand made bombs in these two wars of crusade against Islam.

The reaction seems to be gathering speed slowly so also the sentimental attachments becoming more prominent for two reasons 1). Military, para Military , and Malissia killing innocent protesting people like birds with false accusations of being  terrorists. 2). Egyptian army’s  violation of overthrowing a democratic elected government through a coupe de'tat and then violating religious obligation by killing innocent peaceful protesting Muslims calling them terrorist and criminals.
These two reasons would work to foment and accumulate so much speed that it would blow over entire Mid East and change the scenery of the present Mid East political structure. The development of the tornado may develop quietly covertly or openly overtly. More likely covertly. To cool the matter as the days pass it would be out of question.

This time the fight would be prolonged not only with Muslims but with Russians and Chinese together against West and EU. Not that they fight as the Muslim sympathizers but hold ground in Mid East as the West and EU holds it in the interest of their Economy. At the same time  North Korea would act on behalf of Russia and China as exactly as Israel does on behalf of West and EU.

My advice is contain the drops of water gathering with cool head and sense to avert it becoming an ocean of rage. Don't let rage wake up the bear of north and the dragon of the East because if they cannot do anything at least they have the ability to devastate the region for the benefit of whom?
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