Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Arsenal of Hypocrisy - By John Arquilla | Foreign Policy

Arsenal of Hypocrisy - By John Arquilla | Foreign Policy

Well, I am amazed to go through the article and not find the mention of the main actor  in the article for whom actually US is blamed on daily basis for committal of Arsenal of Hypocrisy, the name missing is Israel. By mentioning the name I do not  intend to squarely hold Israel responsible for all such Arsenal of Hypocrisy committed by US but for sure in 95% cases yes.

I admit that all countries including US, do commit Arsenal of Hypocrisy depending on the subject and situation the country is faced with. Therefore, if US does some time commit such mean Hypocrisy it is to be taken as business as usual. or may be considered inevitably necessary.

Question arises that the frequency of committing Arsenal of Hypocrisy increases to an unimaginably high whenever the name of Israel is involved. This is why the World Community of Nations takes Exceptions  to US actions and raises questions for committing the worst type of Arsenal of Hypocrisy.  They even question that when the people engaged in making foreign Policy and leads the State department strong supporters of Israel Why yet they can not restrict/restrain Israel committing evil activities that in fact forces US to face odds and commit Arsenal of Hypocrisy to protect Israel. But this unending process has started to tell upon US's image relationship with foreign countries and on diplomatic ties which in the recent times Obama administration with lot of difficulties pulled up but now the administration might be finding great difficulties to maintain it after Israel's immature covert connection with the Egyptians Coup de;tat. Overthrowing Egyptian first Democratic elected President and getting out Mubarak out of Jail because people doubt Mubarak was Israel's paid secret agent. These evil acts did not go well with EGYPT public and the Muslim world. .

I suppose Israel needs to behave for the sake of US’s  image so that it can safe guard and protect Israel's interest with chest up in this world that considers Israel as a state of terrorist and assassin criminals.  
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