Saturday, July 6, 2013

Morsi's ouster fuels debate on U.S. policy on the Mideast

Morsi's ouster fuels debate on U.S. policy on the Mideast

Morsi's ouster fuels debate on U.S. policy on the Mideast

WASHINGTON — The military overthrow of the democratically elected government in Egypt, for decades America's most important Arab ally, has rekindled a fierce debate about whether the Obama administration's Mideast policy has been too passive and ineffective.


The removal of the Democratically elected President is now questioned as link of Israel's PM Nitanyahu exists as a follow up action of his past desire to have Mubarak free and hate for Brotherhood.

Both the Democrats and Republicans Party's significant reaction on the issue indicates a submission to the desire of the best friend and the most trusted ally Israel’s sweet will to make it happy. But doing so a long term political seed of enemy is swon among the population of a friendly country's population. For sure this cannot be the in the best interest of US where upon Russia and China's entry in the region is larking in the dark. Brother-hood is a very big political party and its impact on Eygpt’s political arena can't be set aside and or overlooked.

However, Israel may have to confront many complications and political hazards it has created over the year for US and Americans both Israel and US political parties by blindly helping Israel because of being JEW they must answer to the Americans and confess their misdeeds openly very soon as to why they belittled the good name and damaged friendly relationship with the World community of Nations .

Unwanted act on Egypt at the behest of the most trusted ally with the help of Egypt's army was a very immature act of Mossad. The people of Egypt would not forgive for the dead and misdeed by removing a democratically elected head of the state. We now have no option left but to wait and watch how things develops and ultimately Army takes over the country's overall power and again runs the country like Mubarak against Muslims as a paid agent of Israel.
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