Sunday, July 7, 2013

Live Blog: Egyptian Army Ousts Morsi - The Daily Beast

Live Blog: Egyptian Army Ousts Morsi - The Daily Beast

Live Blog: Egyptian Army Ousts Morsi

In a stunning display of power, the Egyptian army ousted President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday, putting an end to the Muslim Brotherhood's hold on power after just one year. Tanks and troops poured onto the streets of Cairo, and fireworks erupted in Tahrir Square, where millions had gathered to celebrate.

Question arose whether Egyptian Army took the action all by itself or assist an inevitable foreign intervention in lieu of huge transaction of money as was the practice during Mubarak regime. World community of nations has already started to point finger at the lone terrorist state Israel.
 Because of its hate against Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Brotherhood's strong bond of friendship with Hamas that listens to it. Last time Israel had to bow and accept the terms with Hamas. It is worth mentioning that Israel's PM Netanyahu desired that Mubarak be  reinstalled to his original post but President Obama set it aside which infuriated Netanyahu and he misbehaved.
 The Egyptian Army is a paid Israeli agent and Mubarak made it so. It is from where Mossad directed all action from within Egypt against Democratic Government during  last one year.  Past one year was eyewash to show the world that Brotherhood was a failure. However, all Israeli agents were in the opposition working for Israel to overthrow Morsi's regime from day one and elBaradei was selected as the most trusted person of Israel only to be kicked later.

The facts would be out if UN hold a secret investigation into the matter of ousting Morsi. Israel's desire is Egypt should be ruled as per its direction and support it while Israel kills Muslims and does wrong doings as US support it because of US Jews control the congress whether it is Democrats or Republicans congress.
 However, the unfortunate thing is Israel has made the entry of China after Russia smoother. Now the Muslim countries would find both China and Russian as more reliable country to be affiliated with. Wait to see the outcome of this Israel's immature action on ousting of Morsi of Brotherhood for its show of eternal power over GOD.
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