Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kerry: Egypt Is At 'Pivotal Moment' In History

Kerry: Egypt Is At 'Pivotal Moment' In History

Kerry: Egypt Is At 'Pivotal Moment' In History
07/27/13 05:26 PM ET EDT
WASHINGTON -- As violence in Egypt turned increasingly deadly Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the Mideast nation was at "a pivotal moment" more than two years since the uprising ousted the longtime President Hosni Mubarak.

Clashes between security forces and supporters of democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi in eastern Cairo early Saturday left at least 65 protesters dead. The Islamist-led protests over Morsi's removal earlier this month followed nationwide rallies on Friday that drew millions in support of military-backed authorities.

In 2011 a revolution ended Mubarak's rule and brought Morsi to power last year as Egypt's first democratically elected leader. Military authorities toppled Morsi last month, calling into question the future of democracy in Egypt and the nature of the U.S.-Egyptian partnership in the region.

The U.S. has not taken sides but for weeks has called for peaceful protests and calm responses.
The Obama administration has avoided defining the ouster of Morsi as a coup. Under federal law, U.S. assistance must be suspended if a country's democratic government is overthrown by military force. Egypt received $1.5 billion a year in aid from the U.S., nearly all of it for the military.

"This is a pivotal moment for Egypt," Kerry said in a statement. "Over two years ago, a revolution began. Its final verdict is not yet decided, but it will be forever impacted by what happens right now. In this extremely volatile environment, Egyptian authorities have a moral and legal obligation to respect the right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. 

Both are essential components of the inclusive democratic process they have publicly embraced."
Kerry said the continued violence sets back efforts of "reconciliation and democratization," and affects regional stability. The U.S. is urging "an independent and impartial inquiry" and that political leaders must help their country "take a step back from the brink," he said.

"A meaningful political dialogue, for which interim government officials have themselves called, requires participants who represent all the political parts of Egyptian society," Kerry said. "To enable such a dialogue, the United States reiterates our call for an end to politicized detentions and the release of political leaders consistent with the law."

On Saturday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke by phone with Egypt's defense minister to express deep concern over the violence and to encourage restraint, a Pentagon spokesman said.


The ball has started to roll and as I mentioned earlier that this General Sissi is no strength to stop the ball rolling until the final of his service along with his friends Al Baradei and interior Minister the liar along with some Collaborators and Abettors.  Al Baradei, because is the select of Israel to do its job in lieu of now Mubarak.

It would be better for the US Secretary of State to very firmly ask the army to step back at once and Kerry should return back to US without any comment. On way back home he should leave a note for Netanyahu to shut up his trap and keep his mouth shut till he is asked to talk. Any thing more to talk would be as adding fuel to fire. The death toll would rise further where upon UN would be forced to sent the Human Rights Investigators to investigate the committal of Genocide in Egypt at the behest of Israel by Egyptian Army, the police and the Malasia on the order of the interior Minister the liar the idiot.

It is suggested that Republican Congress stop supporting Israel playing with Egyptian army  to get Netanyahu get his desired government in Egypt like that of Mubarak’s regime that would take money and work for Israel to save it during difficulties with Muslim countries. President of US trying to play safe not taking side but the Republican congress is trying to force him to take side with the EGYPTIAN ARMY.
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