Saturday, July 27, 2013

Egypt's swinging centre - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Egypt's swinging centre - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

General Sissi has indulged in committal of genocide. His committal of coup de'tate and now killing of the Egyptians in cool head would not be let go Scot free by his opponent. Gen. Sissi's allegation that Muslim Brotherhood is terrorist would be difficult to prove.

Now the issue turned in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood because if Muslim Brother Hood wants can very easily lodge a complaint of committal of genocide by Egyptian Army under the leadership of Al Barada cabinet of Egyptian government and Israel as abettor.

Could General Sissi deny the facts. Killing of citizens in cool head with ulterior motive in violation of the constitution is not accepted and the killing is termed as committal of genocide and coupe de'tate is punishable with death.

It would be better for Israel if it at all wants to exist in peace to withdraw from the evil design to command Egyptians activities in its favor as it did through during Mubarak regime in lieu of money.

Israel should have desisted from removing a Democratically elected government at its behest. Israel should not have got so much support from the Republican's Congress as to have ventured taking up this sensitive mission with the help of Egyptian Army General.

It is all out no use keeping quiet as Israel's involvement is not a secret from the first day when the PM rebuked the US president for not Rehabilitating Mubarak in the same position and power as the President of Egypt which the entire world know without an iota of doubt. And that Israel would do some thing like was contemplated long ago by the entire world
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