Monday, June 24, 2013

Snowden Not on Flight to Cuba - The Daily Beast

Snowden Not on Flight to Cuba - The Daily Beast

Snowden Not on Flight to Cuba

Is he just wearing a mustache or hiding in the drink cart? NSA leaker Edward Snowden is so far a no-show on what Russian officials said would be his flight to Havana on Monday—which also happens to be packed with journalists. Russian officials say they had no legal authority to send Snowden back to the U.S., despite the fact that the U.S. has charged him with espionage. Sources close to the situation said Monday that the Chinese government itself made the final decision to allow Snowden to flee to Russia, where he arrived on Sunday and then headed to Ecuador’s embassy, where he is seeking asylum. Ecuador’s foreign minister said the government is “analyzing” Snowden’s asylum request and no decision has been made yet


Such are the times for friendly countries to merge as one and work solidly for the cause to capture the traitor. We have in our life time seen lot many countries that stick like a leach during clear days with the expectation of tax paid $ as grant as if they are getting the money from their Nazi fathers. and in cloudy day these bastard country is no where to be found but we silly idiot Americans call this bastards as our best friends and most trust worthy ally.  

It is but normal that countries like China, Russia, Honk Kong, Myanmar, India, and South American countries would like to taunt US on this issue but where are Our Best friend and ally. This trusted ally would try to say that it is not the last yet they tried hard but could not find him but would kill innocent Americans like street dogs, as lot many Americans are found ready made for the IDF to kill, isn't it?  The above-mentioned countries should remember that such issue is not the last one many would crop up even in other countries what would happen then. 

At least we have a country we call best friend and trusted ally. So what it turned out to be a treacherous country which called the American middle class and poor as liabilities of the nation. What an irony of fact. We know and knew it would not help the US because now this treacherous country has claimed to be the world fourth military power getting US grant given to it tax paid money by the middle class and poor Americans those whom Israeli Jews call them liabilities of the nation.

Friends and allies don't need to be asked to help but should do it without being requested for help. However, we wait to see those who help and those who does not. Snowden is a human being not an invisible person. Therefore, we should be able to apprehend him early and place him on the dock for proper trail.

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