Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Report: Europe Threatens to Back Palestinians At ICC Over Continued Settlement Construction - The Daily Beast

Report: Europe Threatens to Back Palestinians At ICC Over Continued Settlement Construction - The Daily 

It would not sound palatable if any person says that the Mid East long pending dispute would not be solved because Israel does not give any importance to EU countries. Israel considers EU people as oppressors allowing to oust the JEWS from the countries of origin by Adolf Hitler. And the Jew took oath that they would avenge their wrong doing
The Jews for the time being is keeping everybody in good humor.  With regard to weakness of US, government they think none can touch them so long Jews control both the Houses of the congress by Jews and America being establish on occupied land would play a passive role .
Playing these two weakness of US audaciously declared to the world "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" belittling the position of the American government below that of Israel as a subordinate country, not only that Israel's PM started to treat US President as his Subordinate. This became glaring when Ehud Olmert treatment of G W Bush as subordinate and in a repulsive manner and G W Bush had to absorb the humiliation quietly.
Israel's audacious disrespectful attitude and behavior to the UN and all its resolution clearly projects its hate to the organization and all its members specially toward all those in the security council except of course US because it is there to protect Israel.
Had US not been Protecting it probably its audacious activities would have been nothing different than that with others. It is time to take Israel by its neck and drag to ICC as decided and not it to take lightly the decisions of EU but very seriously henceforth.
Israel needs to be taught the lesson to take EU decision seriously and not to think the decisions could be flashed out because US would support Israel's stand. Once it is drag to the dock would make it set Israel to be placed in its right place and it would stop flying high as super power of Mid East.
This would also set the US congress to its right place with regard to the EU countries position and status. US Congress would stop thinking that EU countries ever cared to wag tail to the "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA".
Time has come to also set EU's status and position with respect to Israel - Palestine dispute and draw an end to the cat and mouse game by Israel.
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