Monday, June 10, 2013

McManus: Obama's foreign policy reset

McManus: Obama's foreign policy reset

I would not dig the past incidents as all those were done with political narrow view points to extend special facilities to a foreign country. The Prime Ministers of that country had the audacity to declare publicly that "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" and the follow up action was to impose immense political pressure on Susan Rice to withdraw from her nomination.

This is the resultant power of "WE JEWS CONTROL AMERICA" and AIPAC to show the power of the foreign country's PM to humiliate the President and the innocent brilliant career holder  officer like Susan Rice by Jews political crooked mean of political process.
It is surprising to hear that Israel's PM has the veto power over President of US decision. It is to be found if true .

In this GOD given world he has put limits to every thing, but it seems some has no dearth of courage to pick up the audacity to cross all limits to become the enemy of world peace and yet seek help of US President for the security of the country made out of forcefully occupied land of others.

However, President's action by appointing Susan Rice was just a notification to all to remain in own position and work solidly for the welfare of the country and nation. Politics must be done by saner politicians for people and not only for Rich but for majority middle class, poor and the country not for foreign country's benefit avoid racism and religious difference.
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