Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Video suggests higher Bangladesh protest toll - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

Video suggests higher Bangladesh protest toll - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

Q uote”Al Jazeera has obtained video footage suggesting that the Bangladesh government has been providing inaccurate death tolls from recent violence. According to official figures, 11 people had died during fighting between police and protesters from Hifazat-e-Islam, an Islamic group, on May 6, a day protesters refer to as the "Siege of Dhaka". Human Rights Watch, a US-based rights group, said that the exact number of deaths resulting from the protests are "unclear". | Read more:

 Would the UN please be practical by ordering an investigation prelude to start a committal of crime against humanity by Bangladesh government and all its linked political entities and security agencies?
We do not need to be friendly to the government at the cost of innocent lives already in thousands killed. Want to know if Killing innocent citizens to cling to power is a precondition to show friendship by UN Mr. Secretary General.
We just want International law to go into action to stop the massacre, which is eminent before election also. If it is allowed to continue like this without action people of the world community of nations would accuse UN for violating its own made law and allowed the Bangladesh government to continue killing its people.
Election or no Election, crime already committed, Bangladesh Government has no right to trade with holding of election with genocide. In addition, when UN has all the evidences of committal of genocide then what is the difficulty to start the case?

Then why wait to allow further killing. Is it because India's abatement and that UN does not want to include INDIA to be included as Abettor even though evidences clearly shows its committal activities or is it Let Muslims kill Muslims has become the rule of UN.

It would be proper for the UN Secretary General, to kindly order the International genocide law to go into action with its full force immediately to stop the government to trade its committal of the heinous genocide crime with election.  As it would be committal of another crime. This time by UN if the government is left to go free trading Election with genocide. That is why the two things should not be knotted together under any circumstances.
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