Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Quote "Netanyahu's Plane Bed Bill Of $127,000 Brings Criticism From Israelis

JERUSALEM -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will seek alternate sleeping arrangements when traveling after receiving a sky-high bill for installing a customized bed on a recent flight to London, officials close to the Israeli leader said. Netanyahu found himself facing a public uproar on Sunday after Channel 10 TV reported over the weekend that he had spent $127,000 in public funds on a special sleeping cabin for the five-hour flight to attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral last month.”

COMMENT: Is Israel a Parental property of Netanyahu that after having fucked the government treasury money like G W Bush then declare whatever mistake done is done.  In addition,  in future he would  not fuck the Government treasury money but might  fuck public donation money after all he is a Prime Minister and has the right to fuck in a cozy bed his better half. May be Israelis agree to his new proposal who could deny.

Now is the time to observe very minutely how the opposition party, the anti- corruption agency, and of course the Israel's Justice system all acts in this case.

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