Wednesday, February 6, 2013

War trials re-open old wounds in Bangladesh - Features - Al Jazeera English

War trials re-open old wounds in Bangladesh - Features - Al Jazeera English

If a country has a economical super power directing how to conduct the politics of the country Bangladesh and the PM have wag’s her tail, adore and holds Indian authorities at the highest esteem of love and respect at the cost of sovereignty of the country.

It is to the extent of calling the killing of innocent Bangladeshis in border areas as justified stating the Indians kill the smugglers and criminals of Bangladesh so no action is necessary.

We journalists found that Indian killed Bangladeshis all were innocent villagers. All these are done by Indian border guard on orders of high ups to infuse the acute fear of unknown in their minds of death to the effect in all Bangladesh population living near the border areas so that they vote for Awami League less they would be dead.

Their activities could viewed when AL political activists kill the opposition activists and leaders during strike and arrest the opposition Leaders on different pretext by police on false allegation of ordering to ignite fire, on vehicles and for arson.

These are done by AL activities with the evil intent to force the opposition to submit to AL political terms and conditions and to support the Awami League to win the farce election to be held forcefully under Awami League. Of course, the verdict of the majority population and political Parties of the country are against such election. They also blame the western countries at the behest of India to deter from coming to help of the opposition parties combined..
Some immature bloggers have been set to write to justify Awami Leagues activities though all that they are doing as reported to be illegal and unlawful. The happenings within Bangladesh needs to be covered by external investigative Journalists in large numbers as the party in power is trying to push the country toward civil war with the active support of India as is reported from within the country.

If could do that then Bangladesh Government as per PM 'secret defense pact that she signed with India when she took over the power than lot of killing would be done  on the strength of that secret  pact. She would be able to request the Indian government to enter Bangladesh to quell the civil war blaming the opposition and the west.
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