Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bulgaria Bus Bombing: Hezbollah Behind Burgas Blast, Government Says

Bulgaria Bus Bombing: Hezbollah Behind Burgas Blast, Government Says

How can a worldwide famous assassin of Israel call Hezbollah as terrorist organization when Israel itself is being involved in killing Muslims in similar way. It is accepted that Hezbollah did a crime but Israel does the same. Over and above Israel authorities opens it genital and shows it to the world community of nations with a look that it does not care the International law.

Mr. Nitanyahu, stop posing as Adolf Hitler disregarding the world community of nations as if you are the only one ruling the world. It is the same way Israel kills Muslim leaders and innocents on daily basis.

Better, keep quiet. Wait for the retaliation on Israel bloom in full because of audacious crimes you personally committed on Muslims.

Agreed Hezbolloah is a terrorist organization. At the same time, why not first declare Israel too. Because Israel's Foreign Minister was a US listed terrorist leader can't deny , can't deny your ex defense minister an indicted genocide criminal can't deny you yourself is an indicted one of the assassin in a Dubai murder case. In addition, what about Israel’s terrorist activities in killing innocent Muslims with no harm done to Israeli citizens. Can't deny Israel is a genocide criminal indicted country?

Is there any Israeli to deny the facts mention above may comment and refute with evidential reasoning? In case, none to refute then why shouldn't world community of nations ask Ex PM of Israel to shut up and first stop committing crime itself
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