Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Iraq war: No clean break - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

The Iraq war: No clean break - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Having gone through the article written assiduously evoking multidimensional subjects to think about unfinished Iraq war which for the sake of convenience US declared to have ended without having in real terms rounded up the end as it should have been done in the case with an illegal war in reality that should have been done to end it.

How could one call this an end of war after having killed millions of Innocent men, women, children, infants and unarmed people devastating the entire country and leaving the country in the hands of a criminal, a spy of Iran to benefit personally by conducting sectarian killing to serve whom Iran or US? surely not US the truth is the PM had been and would be a double edged weapon. He would be good during fair weather but would be backstabber in time of need as Israel is to US.

Iraq would be a great help to Russia than USA, the calculation done by the experts about Iraq is self destructive. No Loyalist can formulate such erroneous deduction in installing an enemy spy as the head of the country.

The subject is so vast that deliberation needed couldn't be adjusted in few pages but hundred of pages may be inadequate to accommodate the discussion of the entire subject including the valid undeniable factors raised by the Author in his article so eloquently.

However, cutting the long story short I would contribute my undaunted support to the author's comment and also add to it that 'war's ghosts will haunt the world for many years to come" may be centuries to come even after the death of G W Bush the Republican ex President who started the illegal war at the behest of Israel the only terrorist country of its type in the world.
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