Thursday, October 15, 2015

Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Putin’s War on Terror Backfires?

10.15.151:00 AM ET

Jihadists have a long record targeting Moscow, but the situation appears to be growing worse.

MOSCOW — Syria is not Russia’s only war. In recent days, Russian security units have fought full-scale counter-insurgency battles in three North Caucuses republics: Chechnya, Dagestan and Inigushetia, as well as chasing alleged terrorists around Moscow. Dozens of Russian citizens have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy with the so-called Islamic State to carry out attacks in their home country; and 16 Russian law enforcement agents have been killed in special operations in the past two months, mostly in the Northern Caucasus regions.

This week the Russian federal security service spoke of ISIS-connected terrorists threatening Moscow and other Russian cities. Official reports from Moscow said that 4,407 Russian citizens were involved in extremist activities and were a potential threat to the country.
In Syria, on Tuesday afternoon, two shells hit the Russian embassy in the capital, Damascus. Meanwhile Jabhat al-Nusra leaders affiliated with al-Qaeda called on jihadists from all over the world to attack Russians.

Wait, but didn’t Russian President Vladimir Putin explain that it was necessary for Russia to fight in Syria so that ISIS would not threaten Russia?

“I came to the conclusion that if we fear that the terrorists will do something, they will definitely do it,” Putin said in his most recent interview for Rossia 1 TV. “We must take pre-emptive action. Of course, there are risks, but let me say that these risks existed anyway, even before we began our operations in Syria.”

The record of the last three weeks suggests that the terrorists have been pre-empted very little, if at all.
Part of the ISIS threat to Moscow appears to be coming from Chechnya, a republic in the south of Russia controlled by a strongman faithful to Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Russian security officials reported on Tuesday that the latest plot for an attack on Moscow was hatched in the Chechen capital of Grozny. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said that it had detained a few suspects, including some persons from Chechnya and Syria, who were planning the Moscow attack in order “to destabilize state power and stop us from using the military against ISIS in Syria.”

One of the suspects, Aslan Baisultanov, had received an order to conduct a terrorist attack from a man called Shamil Cherkizov. Baisultanov admitted he traveled to Moscow from Chechnya with explosives. “I had to come to Moscow with this substance,” Baisultanov told the judge on Tuesday.
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FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov reported at a national anti-terrost committee meeting this week that 12 Russian citizens detained in Moscow on Monday were ISIS members and accomplices who were preparing attacks on public transport in the national capital.

Russia has a long history of jihadist terror. Over the last 15 years more than 1,000 people have been killed in terrorist attacks across Russia. Innocents died in blown-up buildings, subways, on trains, in Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, in the streets.

President Putin apparently did not believe that by bombing Syria, the Kremlin exposed Russians to a bigger threat. “We have already become used to hearing about a terrorist attack here, a terrorist attack there,” Putin said on Rossia 1.

In fact, the majority of Russians are terrified by jihadists. After more than 40 Russians were killed in three separate jihadist atrocities on public transport in December 2013, a VTSIOM public opinion poll showed that 78 percent of Russians feared becoming a victim of a terrorist attack.

Independent experts note that the terror threat Russia is facing today is different from what it was a decade ago—it is even worse now.


I am not going to ask of the experience of a spy to confront the political, religious and military problem.

But I would definitely pay tribute to a spy for his treacherous work and 0menous work against countries even own compatriots.

At the same time I would spit on the ugly face of those bastard like PUTIN  born not of sperms of legal husband of his / her mother.

Spies were born who did treachery with Chechen the then Authorities  and killed the leader of the freedom fighters inviting him to talk to him on the contrary killed him.

If such filthy vicious animals are the so called leaders then it is nothing but a tight slur to the very word leader.

So called Leaders like PUTIN , Netanyahu and David Cameron  are like womanizer and traitor, motherfucker, and dead pig fucker having nation calling them their leader should be ashamed and drown themselves in a bucket of water.

Coming to the point the author of some articles high lighted these bastards to such height that it is now a great shame for the World community of Nations to hide the face.

 I would deal with Netanyahu and David Cameron later separately. Now dealing with Putin in short I would Say he is a filthy obnoxious animal that tried to allure US to jump in to a war without assessing its own internal position.

 PUTIN should have remembered  that US learned its lesson after G W Bush’s Iraq war but Putin he has yet not . 

Now, Russia's Internal position is very pathetic and Russia  needs to return back home from Syria.

It is interesting to observe how a person has stomach trouble react and behave.

First, there is boiling sound inside the stomach not heard from outside then after a few hours then there is a boiling sound audible from outside.

Thereafter, the person has to run to the toilet and lock himself in the toilet.

Similarly Putin would have to follow the same routine in a few days. What a shame for a  spy idiot to have gathered the guts to stand up to fight the lone super power after being kicked out of military power once earlier..

If the Russian idiot has some grey matters in his upper chamber he would beg apology and bow out of Syria without a word. 

There after the traitor Netanyahu should be taken to task for treachery. This time no mercy to be shown to this bloody bastard motherfucker ZIONIST.

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