Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Would Israel Be Better Off if Putin Keeps Syria's Assad in Power?

The one advantage of a dictatorship is that there is someone there — someone you can threaten, someone with whom you can negotiate and even make peace.

Moshe Arens

Oct 11, 2015 6:04 PM

To the bewildering number of participants in the bloodbath taking place in Syria has now been added another — Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Is this one going to make a difference? Can he shore up Bashar Assad and restore him to absolute rule over Syria and thus also put an end to the bloodletting? Putin is bringing along some of the necessary resources — planes, helicopters, missiles, warships...


Putin has put his finger on the right button. The cause of all this Muslim countries fighting are not because of anything else but because the interested people wants the Israel’s security and safety.

In addition, even if required at the cost of rivers of  Muslim blood to place Israel as the headman of Mid East by the Zionist Lawmakers of US congress to rule region and its natural resources..

All Muslim countries have been brought to the knees of the Israel domain.  The reason why specially the ISIS was created  by the EU,  Israel and CIA.

The main hurdle is Syria for Israel’s safety and security after Russia’s entry on the fighting stage. The planned target of Israel has become hazardous and is now faced with great obstruction.

This is because Russia is posing as a  great hurdle may be for a time being to come.

Netanyahu’s visit to double cross and put US in difficulties now seems he has put his country’s future in the hanging noose.

This fight would now be prolonged for some indefinite time. Israel’s fate hangs from now in the balance between US and Russia dialog’s and WWIII.

This is why Netanyahu and his country Israel is called an evil omen for the entire World’s Existence  
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