Sunday, September 20, 2015

Watch India's Culture Minister Insult APJ Abdul Kalam And Indian Muslims

 |  By Indrani Basu

Posted: 18/09/2015 09:25 IST Updated: 18/09/2015 10:28 IST

Mahesh Sharma, the increasingly controversial culture minister who has been speaking about "cultural pollution" and the need to root out western influence from Indian culture and thought, has now plainly exposed his bigotry.

In an interview with India Today news channel, Sharma made an astonishing statement, insulting the late former president APJ Abdul Kalam and Indian muslims at one fell swoop. He said Kalam was a great nationalist and humanist "despite being a Muslim", perpetuating the insidious far right wing worldview that the loyalty of Indian Muslims lie elsewhere. Sharma made this shocking statement at the end of an interview in which he touched upon a lot of his favourite themes.

Dr Sharma is yet to apologize.

Watch the interview.

H/T The Wire.

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It is sad that the Muslims of India do not have the sense to challenge the Minister. What would World Muslim reply to such illiterate Minister's statement rising to the level of minister from  a questionable social background that seemed quite a normal standard for him to talk like that..

Those who does not know how to respect their ex President of the country being a Minister and makes friendship with Motherfucker country that influenced  the country to turn to a  rapist country India what would he understand of the culture of a nation or of other people's culture of different religion that ruled India for hundreds of years and many Hindu dynasty later became Muslims under them were Muslims and and Muslims are still living in India. May be the minister needs a DNA test to trace back his past link and is illiterate does have any connection with literacy.

This type of ministers have became dangerous for the political Party as such minister might ensue a fight with the Hindu Muslims again which PM Modi very earnestly diverted with new friendship..

But it would not be wrong to mention that such intentional act of the minister is but a shame to the Indian nation and might have done with some hidden motive.. 

What more can be said about a person from slam area coming from the prostitute's den would fall short of committal of the damage to party’s cause immensely and may be in next election the result would not be that happy as it might have been this time for his folly with  Muslim religion. 

Seems the minister is trying to become minister of Congress Party in any future time. That he is digging in  with the present party for such a successful cause from now.. Conspiracy is as part and parcel of politics is it not MR PM. Watch your party's back.?

It would have been better for the country to remove the snake before it strikes the main party's good name earned recently and and now he is trying to divide the nation into two Muslims and Hindus.

Such people are a curse to the political party to keep as ministers. This type of people are racist and are dangerous for future days as they are hypocrites . India to note it for necessary action as may be deemed fit. So that Muslim world is not unnecessarily bothered.

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