Thursday, September 24, 2015

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What Netanyahu, Republicans, Putin and Frenzied Arab Extremists Have in Common

The sobering-up from capitalism’s promise of happiness is the underlying reason for the erosion of security evident on every continent.

Nitzan Horowitz Sep 22, 2015 2:41 AM

It was the great promise of our time: abundance, together with freedom from worrying about survival. The awakening has been bitter and painful.


My friends you all those who read the Blog  would find the gist 0f all problem creators within the  very Headline of the short note above of the article produced by Harrretz which can be seen in Url quoted above.

For further clarity the sinister design of Israel PM Netanyahu, of Israel, Russian PM Putin, the Republican Zionist lawmakers of the Jewish Community of US Congress and Frenzied Arab Extremists have common in killing innocent Muslims all over the world.

Of course under various secret cover-ups and under supervisor and instruction of the mentioned super powers

Just see the cover-ups of Israel, UK and French, is working under cover of Mossad the Israel’s intelligence organization . these few are the creators of ISIS the Frankenstein.

 Putin under cover of helping Syria.

 Republican Zionist Lawmakers of of US Jewish Community, under cover of AIPAC of US through Mossad as they did through with CIA in creating Al Queda,

And of course Arab Extremist because of being fed up of the Shiite underhand dealing during Iraq war and Iraqi PM Maliki the pick of G W Bush under the instigation of Israel Zionists leaders particularly Ehud Olmert the then PM of Israel and later Netanyhau.

To day The West and EU has gone mad because of refugee problem they say but who created the refugee crisis?

It is they the above mentioned countries. What an example of World’s  illiterate incompetent  leadership in twentieth civilized century , Isn’t it so? That too of the majority super Powers.
The world is now running a Conspiracy competition race to inflict maximum damage to countries that are weak and not possessing NUKE WMD and nuclear armaments in abundance like Israel getting protection of the super power. Could anyone speak out loud and clear why?

Now, none of the mentioned countries can deny the fact of actually being at fault of creating situation of killing innocent Muslims only to grab mineral resources of Muslim countries including Israel of Palestine natural resources.
See the bewildered reaction of all the West and EU countries when refugee countries has hit the financial bag of their countries.

Imagine then just how must the Muslim countries must be feeling when the West and EU countries tries to steal their natural resources under various pleas.
It is reported that Israel a terrorist country has in possession of WMDS more than that of most of the Super powers. Does any have any Comment to this fact?
Can somebody explain in detail for World community of nations clear understanding as to How and why is this large quantity of WMDS possession?
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