Sunday, August 2, 2015

French Riot Police Use Chemicals To Disperse Migrants Near Calais

Posted: 08/02/2015 09:42 AM EDT | Edited: 08/02/2015 10:16 AM EDT

COQUELLES, France (AP) — French riot police have sprayed migrants with a chemical irritant as they tried to storm the Channel Tunnel, and the British and French interior ministers said the nightly attempts to reach Britain are part of a "global migration crisis" that needs an international solution.

The migrants, who broke down several security fences late Saturday, were forced to retreat by riot police as they attempted to breach the final fence near the entrance of the 50-kilometer (30-mile) tunnel under the English Channel.

The migrants, estimated to number around 200 by an Associated Press journalist, faced off for close to an hour with security forces, chanting slogans including: "Open the border" and "We are not animals."

Thousands of migrants have been scaling fences near the tunnel, often referred to as the Chunnel, in recent weeks, trying to hop on freight trains or trucks destined for Britain. One man was fatally crushed by a truck.
Most of the migrants have fled war, dictatorship and poverty in Africa and the Middle East, entering Europe Greece or Italy before heading north. Many think Britain offers the best prospects, because of the English language, welfare benefits and the perceived ease of getting a job.

The migrant activity at the Chunnel — combined with a series of strikes by French ferry workers — have disrupted freight and passenger traffic, and spurred both governments to promise higher fences, more surveillance cameras and extra security guards.

In an article published in Britain's Sunday Telegraph and France's Journal du Dimanche, British Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said stopping the flow of migrants was "the top priority" for both governments.

But they added that the entire European Union must "address this problem at root."

They said many migrants saw the streets of Europe as "paved with gold" and "we must break the link between crossing the Mediterranean and achieving settlement in Europe for economic reasons."

The governments are keen to show a united front on this issue, but many British politicians have criticized France for supposedly lax security at the tunnel.


AH! HA! This is going to make the French government pay  a heavy price which they could not even think when they used the Muslims fight for them to win the wars of valor and share making Hutis and and Tutis with Germans. As Israel's Mossad and CIA did to create Al QUEDA. ISIL
The labor pain have started when these organizations is trying to come out and show their ugly monstrous image to the world and tell them they are are the replica of these countries Government.

But then these countries are so ugly that they very shrewdly blamed the MUSLIMS instead and is trying to hide their ugly shameful face from the International community of nations. But can they ?

Truth cannot be hidden it would surface one day.That is why the saying id "Think before doing a thing 100 times but no use thinking after you have done it". What ever is happening and would happen is the final result of own evil doings. These chemicals, and bullets and propaganda would not be able to stop the huge waves of disaster is going to sweep these countries.


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