Monday, August 10, 2015

Turkey: U.S. Consulate, Police Station Targeted in
Wave of Attacks
FP      MORNING BRIEF    7.01 PM(3 hours ago )

Top News: Turkey saw a series of attacks on Monday. A roadside bomb killed four police officers in the southeastern province of Sirnak; Kurdish militants killed a soldier and wounded at least seven others in an attack on a military helicopter in the same province; a car bomb exploded outside a police station in Istanbul, leaving a police officer and two assailants dead and destroying part of the building; and two attackers opened fire outside the U.S. consulate in Istanbul,fleeing after a brief gun battle with police. One suspect in the consulate attack was later apprehended.

The attacks came during a spike in tension and violence between the Turkish military and Kurdish militants, and as Turkey takes on new roles in fighting the Islamic State. A ceasefire in the long conflict between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the government fell apart in July when Turkey began bombing PKK camps in Iraq at the same time as launching a new campaign against the Islamic State. PKK and other Kurdish fighters have held back the advance of the Islamic State in the region.

Kurdish militants were reportedly responsible for the attacks in the southeast. The attacks in Istanbul are under investigation, with claims on social media linking the police station bombing to the Islamic State.


Quote fron the article

“Two attackers opened fire outside the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul”, this attack is Organized under instruction and direction of Mossad from Kurdistan to preempt and let Turkey know that any Turkey’s desire to attack Kurdistan while Mossad is their it would be meted with tough resistance.

The above firing in front of US embassy was a mock firing to send a message that US is not concerned with the fight between turkey and Kurdistan,

Needless to mention wherever the touch of Israel is there US involvement is synonymous which Israel’s supporters US lawmaker Zionists know it very clearly.

And to hide such open fact overtly with childish act is but a stupid exposition of immaturity of Intelligence stunt. Turkey is quite alert of Mossad’s.
Such fear mongering stunts.

It would be better for Mossad to get out of Kurdistan as soon because irrespective of friends request not to strike Kurdistan it is untenable since situation created does not permit Turkey to remain silent not to take any action when own backyard is on fire and known enemy like Israel is working behind it.

Turkey is left with no alternative then to bring down barrage of heavy gunfire covering every inch of Kurdistan on the firing zone so that no enemy can raise their head ever again and dare attack to kill turkey’s soldiers.

Not only barrage s of gun fire but also air strikes in such a way that any ISIS or the PKK gets out for a respite for a second. The strike and fire should be coordinated in such a way so that no ways can perpetrator gets shelter in the name of innocent civilian.

When in military action there is no time to see who is innocent and who is at fault as nom mercy to the enemy should be the motto at that time only .

It is Turkeys backyard is on fire and none has the right to suggest what it has to do and to not do.  

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