Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mothers of ISIS

Their children abandoned them to join the worst terror organization on earth. Now all they have is each other.

Story by Julia Ioffe

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The article is written to deserve compassionate view for the victim families and the failures of the respective government to help the citizens and left them to be beheaded by the ISIS.
Over and above the government threatens the families of dire consequence if their children joins ISIS. This was done to hide there inaptness in front of huge number of children both male female and male and femal of all age groups of different religion are running away from home to join ISIS.
 For the information of all , ISIS the most dangerous Frankenstein is the creation of Israel’s MOSSAD, CIAand UK.

Instead of shading crocodile tears and call the bloody inventors and creators of ISIS and Al Queda the real terrorist it wrong to call ISIS the worst terrorist organizations that it is Israel the world's know worst terrorist what to say of organization it is the nation is the worst terrorist nation. Yes, ISIS is the most dangerous organization.

How does it hear when people say and even the US government say Israel is the best friend and the most trusted Ally of the Middle East. How odd it seems US calling the worst terrorist nation its friend and ally. Does it not prick the grey matter to think who all are to be blamed and share the same of the present crisis? IS US A party to it? That it calls a worst nation its friend and most trusted ally.  ISIS is terrorist organization because it was created to be so by Israel’s Mossad and CIA and UK. Same Al Queada was created By CIA and Mossad of Israel.

I would not elaborate further because it would be spitting facing upward where upon the same would fall on own chest. Huffintonpost may please stop the article winning on ISIS activities without first blaming the creators of the Organization because it is the duties and responsibilities of the electronic and print media to bring the fact to the notice of the general public of the world. Failure to do that is a violation of the Journalism.

I feel disgusting to see my Journalist friends knowing the truth is not revealing the facts. how very sad for this world of civilization.
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