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UPDATE 1-Eyeing Arab ties, Israel to observe nuclear pact meeting | Reuters

UPDATE 1-Eyeing Arab ties, Israel to observe nuclear pact meeting | Reuters

World | Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:41am EDT

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Eyeing Arab ties, Israel to observe nuclear
pact meeting 

JERUSALEM | By Dan Williams
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly
cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem April 19, 2015.
Reuters/Menahem Kahana/Pool

(Reuters) - Israel will take part as
an observer in a major nuclear non-proliferation conference that opens at the
United Nations on Monday, ending a 20-year absence in hope of fostering
dialogue with Arab states, a senior Israeli official said.

Assumed to have the Middle East's
sole nuclear arsenal, and having never joined the nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty, Israel has stayed away from gatherings of NPT signatories since 1995 in
protest at resolutions it regarded as biased against it.

Citing the example of disarmament
talks in other regions, Israel says it would consider submitting to
international nuclear inspections and controls only once at peace with the
Arabs and Iran. Those countries want Israel curbed first.

With Middle East upheaval and the
disputed Iranian nuclear program, often pitting Tehran-aligned Shi'ite Muslims
against Sunni Arabs, a senior Israeli official saw in the April 27-May 22 NPT
review conference a chance to stake out common causes.

Israel deems Iran its top threat.
The Islamic Republic has said it seeks only nuclear energy, not bombs, from
uranium enrichment. Six global powers are negotiating a comprehensive nuclear
deal with Iran - a process Israel has denounced, fearing it will not restrain
Tehran's atomic activities sufficiently.

"We think that this is the time
for all moderate countries to sit and discuss the problems that everyone is
facing in the region," the Israeli official, who requested anonymity given
the sensitivity of the subject, told Reuters on Sunday.

"I see this, coming as an
observer to the conference now, as trying to demonstrate our good faith in
terms of having such a conversation. We need direct negotiations between the
regional parties, a regional security conversation, a conversation based on
consensus. This (attendance at the NPT conference) is meant not to change our
policy. It's meant to emphasize our policy."

The question of sequencing -- if
peace should precede disarmament -- has helped mire negotiations on the
creation of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. An Egyptian plan
for an international meeting laying the groundwork for such a deal was agreed
at the last NPT review conference, in 2010.

The Israeli official doubted the
deadlock would be resolved at the pending NPT conference - anticipating,
instead, an "Arab proposal that would not adopt the position of direct
engagement" with Israel.

Still, the official described the
NPT conference as a chance to build on opposition Israel shared with some Arabs
to the April 2 outline nuclear deal between world powers and Iran.

The conference "doesn't
contradict a broader possible outreach," the official said. Without naming
specific countries, the official said some Arabs appeared less attentive to
Israel's non-NPT status as they were "too busy with bigger problems".

Among these might be Egypt, which
had long been vocally opposed to Israel's nuclear opacity but has recently
closed ranks with its neighbor against common Islamist adversaries.

"Our initiative for a Middle
East free of non-conventional weapons is a principle. It will not change. But
nothing is against Israel itself. It's for everyone - Iran, Israel,
everyone," an Egyptian official said on condition on anonymity.

"Will we go and pressure Israel
(at the conference)? I don't think so. I don't think the pressure will be

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That is it, Why Israel was alleging false allegation on innocent Palestinian and killing. It was all to take shelter to the fact that peace with Arabs and Iran could be not reached so Israel would not submit to International nuclear Inspections.

Now the real fact is all out why such the committal of genocide and the rest of the killing in with the plea of self-defense. All were hoax  to keep on matter lingering on to show the world that Arabs are bad boys and the bands of terrorists are the good boys till they proved themselves that they are not only criminals and bad boys but traitors and in treachery are expert.

They engulfed US in their treachery mission. Americans now realizes why Adolf Hitler the great was obsess to kick oust these Zionist out from the EU countries where upon millions of innocent JEWS lost their life only because of these criminals.

Having, assimilated the Jest and the salient points of the article. It was evident to the fact that it was  clear that Israel would follow the minutes of the meeting not to surrender but to make new pleas to blame not only the Arabs and Iran but this time it might include to blame US and the Muslim Sunni countries particularly Turkey and Egypt and as eye wash Saudi Arab.

The meeting to make it cogent for all concerned and not as usual farce meeting to have mutual chat , it should have a resolution against Israel setting a date to submit itself to conditions of International nuclear Inspection and to disarm as envisaged by the US President declare of nuclear free world.

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