Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NY Daily News Blasts GOP Senators Over Iran Letter, Calling Them 'Traitors'

NY Daily News Blasts GOP Senators Over Iran Letter, Calling Them 'Traitors'

NY Daily News Blasts GOP Senators Over Iran Letter, Calling Them 'Traitors'

 |  By Kelly Chen
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Tuesday's scathing front page accuses Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Ted Cruz
(R-Texas), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and their "traitor"
GOP colleagues of trying to "sabotage" President Barack Obama's
nuclear talks with Iran. In a bizarre move on Monday, Cotton and 46 other Republican senators
ignored protocol and sent an open letter to Iran's leaders, warning that
whatever agreement reached with Obama would not be bound by the constitution.

Biden punched back with a stern statement
condemning the insubordinate move, saying "the decision to undercut our
President and circumvent our constitutional system offends me as a matter of


How long
would the International Community of Nations go on seeing USA hiding all types
of criminals.  That too like the Genocide
criminals, Assassin abettors, genocide abettors and finally the traitor ZIONISTS
at large at the cost of the American citizens.

This hiding
of the criminals to show to the public of the World Community of Nations that
its Congress is full of able lawmakers has miserably back fired.  Now the lawmakers have started to stink in
and out. The few good congressional representatives are also the victims because
of the criminals and treacherous congressional representatives

Alas! On the
contrary what have the lawmakers exhibited that they are supporters Criminal
traitor ZIONISTS publicly supported the Zionists criminal of Israel under watch
of the assassin Zionist criminal PM of Israel Netantahu's committal of genocide.

In addition,
these lawmakers even threatened the UN Secretary General and the top most
officials of UN to make sure they do not entangle Netanyahu and Israel in any
genocide case. What is this ?

Is this in
the job description of US lawmakers? No, it is not. Then why not the committee
concerned did take up the case for proper action for violation of the
constitutional provisions. Is not the committee concerned also acted as not
taking up the matter yet in cognizance?

Why should
the criminals and the traitors of the nation be not prosecuted under the law of
the land?
Does not ineptness to take action invite
criticism of the Congress internationally? That too because of Speaker of the

Congress and the Senate Majority leader were openly engaged in committing  treachery with the nation by committing
conspiracy with an indicted assassin criminal by the name of Netanyahu PM of
Israel a recent Genocide committal criminal, to blame the President and the
country’s Administration  with a view to
humiliate the country’s Foreign Policy.

It does smear
the good name and fame more so when US being the proponent of Human Rights and hides
G W Bush, the name of vicious back stabber Zionist terrorist state’s criminal
politicians like Netanyahu that needs veto power to protect them for their committal
of ugly heinous crimes against humanity and treachery.

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