Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jon Stewart To Benjamin Netanyahu: 'How Dare You!'

Jon Stewart To Benjamin Netanyahu: 'How Dare You!'

Jon Stewart To Benjamin Netanyahu: 'How Dare You!'
The Huffington Post  |  By
Ed Mazza
Posted: 03/19/2015 6:26 am EDT Updated:
1 hour ago
is warning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he might
be facing a lawsuit... over stealing our election strategies.

Just before this week's parliamentary elections in Israel, Netanyahu warned that his opponents were
bringing in Arab voters by the busload
in an effort to get his more
conservative base to turn out -- a strategy that paid off with a big win for
the prime minister's Likud Party.

"How dare you. How dare you gin up racist
fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain," Stewart said on
"The Daily Show" on Wednesday night. "That's our thing. You know
what? Now you've got a copyright infringement suit on your hands, pal!"

But maybe there's a lesson in there for American politicians.

"You know that stuff you say in private, your core beliefs, your prejudices
that you try to hide from people because you fear society would shun you?"
Stewart said. "Well, it appears all you have to do is turn into thatskid."

Following Netanyahu's example might have changed history in 2012, and
Stewart shows how in the clip above.


Without mentioning the names of any person it has to be recalled
to the fact that no criminal listens to the religious sermons so also the
winner of the recent ELECTION completed in Israel's case.

It is now clear that  those
who voted for the right wing of the Israel's political party do not have any
right to have an extended hand of any help from any Democratically run
government of the World Community of Nations together with the ex PM
Netanyahu 's Party .

The WINNER OF THE ISRAEL'S' S declaration that there would be no existence of
Palestine if he comes to power.  This
declaration now justifies Iran's declaration that there should to be NO
existence of Israel. Doesn't it sound similar to the declaration ,made by
Netanyahu, who moved hell and earth to wage world WAR III by attacking
Iran on similar declaration by the ex Iranian President.

If after this declaration US moves to help as usual Israel
government then the US would face unsurmountable hurdle to push back the already
break up of of EU countries with West to polarize with the SUPER POWERS of the
EAST. The facts would get more clearer as days pass and US's activities not
only of Obama government but its subsequent government with respect to the
Israel's new government and also future governments.

Gone are the days to fool the people after the tyrants killing and
the lone super power's  ZIONISTS
Lawmakers active help to Israel committal of Genocide in Palestine.
such acts has worsened the face value of US to a great extent and 
on the contrary facilitated the
heightening of the image of  China to a great extent.

International Community of Nations opines it is high time to
separate it self from being Israel's protector of all wrong doing.  

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