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Nationwide Protests Condemning Police Brutality Continue With No End In Sight

Nationwide Protests Condemning Police Brutality Continue With No End In Sight

Nationwide Protests Condemning Police Brutality
Continue With No End In Sight
Posted: 12/07/2014 12:21 am EST
Updated: 12/07/2014 12:59 am EST

Demonstrations continued Saturday
night in New York City and across the country, as protesters raised their hands
and voices to decry abusive police tactics in light of the growing number of
unarmed black men who have been killed by police officers.

Picketers swarmed New York City's
Grand Central Terminal and Times Square, four nights after a Staten Island
grand jury decided not to
white police officer Daniel

Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner, and not quite two weeks after
a Missouri grand jury refused to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson
for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The protesters were also out
honoring 28-year-old Brooklyn dad
Akai Gurley, whose somber funeral was held Saturday, after he was shot
dead by a NYPD officer on Nov. 20 in a Brooklyn public housing project
— Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell) December 7, 2014
Mass die-in at Grand Central right
#BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe
(alexqarbuckle insta)
— New York City Alerts
December 7, 2014
— Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell) December 7, 2014

Riled up demonstrators flocked into
the aisles of the Times Square Toys "R" Us, picking up plastic guns
from the shelves in a nod to the toy pellet gun that 12-year-old Tamir Rice was
holding when a rookie officer fatally shot him in Cleveland on Nov. 22.

"We want all people treated
equally," Manhattan resident Taylor Azure said.
Inside Toys R Us. Protest. NYC. #ferguson
— deray mckesson (@deray) December 7, 2014
— Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell) December 7, 2014
Earlier in the day, about 50 supporters
gathered at the Louis H. Pink Houses

in Brooklyn, where Gurley was shot to death. "The cops are supposed to be
there to help us, but instead they're killing us," Rosetta Jordan, 65,
told The Huffington Post.

Passionate protests also played out
across the U.S.: In Davidson, N.C., more than
200 people interrupted a
Christmas event
by sprawling out on the ground in a
street, an increasingly-common protest tactic known as a "die in." A
similar demonstration was held in Tampa.

A woman shouted "Hands up"
and ~100 people replied "Dont shoot" and hit the ground, silent. At
C.H. park
— Josh Solomon (@Josh_Solomon15) December 6, 2014
Protesters gathered outside a
Seattle police station.

During a moment of silence a #Seattle #Ferguson protester holds a sign outside @SeattlePD HQ.
— Ken Lambert (@SeaTimesFotoKen) December 6, 2014

In Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, protesters of all races flooded streets and public spaces,
calling for fair and equal treatment from police.
— A.A. (@_anhelica) December 7, 2014

In California, protesters shut down
a major San Francisco transportation center and marchers filled Berkeley

reports the Downtown Berkeley Station is closed due to Protests through
— ABC7 News (@abc7newsBayArea) December 7, 2014
Shattuck and Alston in Berkeley.
Large group that continues to grow.

— Sergio Quintana (@svqjournalist) December 7, 2014

Even in Anchorage, Alaska protesters
marched holding signs on snow-covered thoroughfares.
About 120 people winding through
chanting "Hands up, don't shoot."
— Devin Kelly (@devckelly) December 7, 2014

In Cleveland, angry demonstrators expressed fury about the death of 12-year-old Rice. And in Phoenix, protesters decried the shooting death of Rumain Brisbon,
yet another unarmed black man who was killed, this time after a police officer
mistook a pill bottle for a gun on Dec. 2.
Tensions have been running high
throughout the country after it was revealed that Wilson
would not be indicted for killing Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Protests in Ferguson were at times
, but most other cities have held
almost entirely peaceful demonstrations -- with cries of "Hands up, don't
shoot," "I can't breathe," and "Black lives matter,"
richocheting from coast to coast.


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