Friday, January 16, 2015

Israel approved the construction of 16,716 housing units in 2014

Israel approved the construction of 16,716 housing units in 2014

approved the construction of 16,716 housing units in 2014

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 16:50

"The Israeli government
approved schemes for building 16,716 new housing units in 33 settlements during
2014," the officer in charge of the settlement file in the northern West
Bank, Ghassan Daghlas, said.
In 2014 there were790 Settler
attacks on Palestinian property

In a press statement issued
yesterday, he said the majority of the units were in Jerusalem, followed by
Bethlehem and Salfit, stressing that the military orders, which affected thousands
of acres of Palestinian land, were mostly either for the purpose of building
the Separation Wall or confiscating land.

He explained that, based on these
allegations, the Palestinians are prevented from developing their land without
a permit issued by the Israeli authorities, where the occupation confiscated
7,304 acres of land in 2014.

He added: "The past year has
witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of settler violations, where
settlers launched 790 attacks on Palestinians and their properties, mostly in
Jerusalem with 290 attacks, followed by 132 assaults in Hebron, 130 in Nablus
and 107 attacks in Bethlehem."

Some 10,596 trees and seedlings were
uprooted during 2014, in addition to the demolition of 333 Palestinian homes,
including 96 in East Jerusalem.

Daghlas stressed that the occupation
authorities had issued 18 confiscation orders against Palestinian land either
on security grounds or by declaring them as state lands during the year of


A terrorist state
that too only one in the entire world is kissed by the world's lone super power, now
seem to have lost control over it and is shivering because of its nuclear strength
which the government run by the Zionist secretly with active acts of the
terrorist state killed the US  President of the lone super power who vehemently
pushed back repeatedly the proposal of terrorist state to go nuclear .   

This fact is now an open secret. What so ever is happening in the world
considered as terrorist act is
the blessing and contribution of the best friend and most trusted ally in
Middle East the terrorist state of Zionists.

In this fast
changing unstable uncertain world of killing of Muslims all over the world when 

the country that affords
protection to a notorious genocide committal terrorists. In addition over and above that
country's Zionist lawmakers publicly supports the killing of the Muslims and
conveys openly life threats to the UN Secretary General and all other UN linked
organization connected with dealing with genocide cases, these Zionist lawmakers   

informed these office heads stating they
would come to harm if they proceed to start a case against the indicted assassin PM of
the terrorist state or against the state government.

Question arises why should a country that is believed to be acting as a savior of
the helpless is not only helping the criminals or the reputed terrorists of genocidal 
state itself  then where would the international community of nations find the peace and
tranquility and security of the world?

 Does it not depict that the lone super
power is more concerned of the terrorist's welfare and its safety and security and the rest
is but all show.

I have drawn this background because whatever is being done by this
 obnoxious filthy terrorist  ZIONIST country under the leadership of 
an indicted assassin PM of the country is being done with the
silent consent of the ZIONIST lawmakers and support  of the lone 

super power. WHAT A PITY INDEED. ISN'IT???

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